Sunday, January 24, 2010

Concerning Movies (2009)

My annual movie awards returneth.

Ive decided to use the same categories as my 2007 recap and my 2008. So lets see what won

As with all my posts/notes - its subjective. So if you disagree - by all means correct me.

Best animated movie
Up (stunning movie)

Worst Animated Movie
Bolt 3D

Best Comic Book Movie
X men Origins: Wolverine

Best Bollywood Movie
I watched 3 Idiots on friday - but since it came out in 2009 (in South Africa) i'm going to include it - otherwise the column would be blank (New York was the least mediocre though)

Best Adaptation
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Best movie most people will overlook

Crappiest Sequel
Transformers 2

Best Movie experience

Biggest movie thats not in my list except here just to point out that it didnt win anything
Star Trek

Best Sequel
Night at the Museum 2

Most surprisingly awesome
Hannah Montana.... i'm just kidding - Invictus (watched in 2010 released in 2009)

Worst movie Shiraz picked
G.I Joe

Best Comedy
The Hangover

Biggest dissapointment
Terminator Salvation

Worst Adaptation
G.I Joe

Worst Popcorn

Best Popcorn
Cinema Nouveau Gateway

Worst Movie
Streetfighter: Legend of Chun Li

Movie of the Year
District 9

The Nicholas Cage award for crap acting

(p.s - I might change my mind if I remember something)


Americanising Desi said...

isnt it remarkable. none of our choices r alike?

M Junaid said...

i'd love to see yours

Nadia said...

DOnt diss my nicolas cage grrr

M Junaid said...

I love seeing this comment every year :D