Friday, December 25, 2009

'The MJ Show' - every Monday from 6 - 7 pm

Catch MJ performing at the Al Ansaar souk this year. I'l be performing stand up comedy, doing some presenting, singing a few parodies, and just generally charming old ladies.

I'l also be doing some continuity work and off course judging the wet abaya contest.

The Souk will be running from the 25th of December to the 3rd of Jan.

If you arent in the Durban region, be sure to catch me on air. I have my show on Radio Al Ansaar - its called the MJ Show (How awesome am I!) or vain really.

For those who arent in the Durban region, you can catch it streaming at this link.

The first week I discussed Muslim entertainment (well, I was campaigning for them to bring down Dawud Warnsby Ali for the souk)

This weeks topic was 'Facebook: are we losing our iman one poke at a time?'

Suggestions for next weeks show are welcome - I was thinking of doing it on hoaxes. My pet peeve is the Michael Jackson converted to Islam hoax. I have written extensively on this so I hope to build on this on Monday.

I'l put up this weeks show as a podcast (as soon as I compress it to about 12 megs or so)


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KiLLa said...

Ill come check it out on the 3rd.. SMS me where the location is...