Thursday, December 03, 2009

Concerning Crappy Adaptations

I just drank three red Bulls.

Not because I needed the energy or anything. I just like the taste of red Bull.

I want to write a happy song. And when people listen to it they must be convinced i was tripping on acid when I wrote it. The type of song that emits good feelings. Its very easy to make me happy, but thats probably because I have amazing parents.

So, after yesterdays twilight note, ive had a ton of people tell me that they now want to watch the movie. I call this the Morgan Spurlock effect. Its nice to know I have it. After watching Supersize me, everyone ran to mcdonalds to gouge on Big Macs. Very counter productive.

Twilight was unbelievably painful to watch. Its like seeing your wife give birth. It'l scar you for life -
seeing something you love going through so much pain, not to mention your wife too.

A friend wanted to get me a magazine subscription as a gift, but they gave me such lousy choices - Why would anyone want to read Sports Illustrated? or most magazines really - All this stuff is on the net anyway. I got over magazines ten years ago, when I got over Hustler and Electronic Gaming Monthly. If they had given me a subscription to Mad or Islamica, then i'd be psyched. but Sports illustrated or Kick-Off? Thats like asking me whether I prefer Beacon slabs to wet cardboard - either way I lose. I sound ungrateful hey.

there was a kid in my pre school
we thought he had plaque
without even really knowing what plaque was
which made it more terrifying
kids are bastards.

One thing I am looking forward to though is the New Prince of Persia movie. I hope Disney dont mess it up. Most movies that are based on video games suck (and vice versa really) If I had to make a list of the ten worst video game movies it'l look alot like this (actually it would look identical to this) If I have omitted any stinkers, its probably because I didnt watch it - I dont comment on shit I havent watched.

Mortal Kombat Annihilation - WTF

Street Fighter: The Chun Li movie - miserable

Double Dragon - Painful.

Silent Hill - Torture

Dead or Alive - Retarded

Far Cry - Waste

Max payne - genocidal

Ok,lets make it seven because I actually like the other ones ive seen

Mortal Kombat - awesome!

Street Fighter - I was young

Tomb Raider - Hey, she pulled it off

Doom - The Rock ftw!

Resident Evil 1,2,3 - Alice <3

Hitman - Pretty decent

Enough rambling for one day :)


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That Mash Guy said...

The Van Damme SF movie is in the 'so bad it's good' category, Raul julia as Bison rules that movie!

The SF Anime movie is the best though.

Prince of Persia is going to be shit. It looks like Sinbad.