Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Concerning Candy Floss

Love is like Candy Floss

Wispy sometimes

Sticky sometimes.

Some of us prefer it on a stick. We want it now, and everyone must see it.

Some of us prefer it bagged, so we can nibble at it when we want to.

But Love isnt always sweet. There is an anxiety that clings onto the sticky bits of love. Many of us feel insecure because of love.

We arent quite sure what 'insecure' means, or even how to define it properly. But we feel it.

Ever logged onto mxit or gtalk when Your Love Interest is online. And you hesitate to say something. You're scared of courtesy. Those wispy replies that don't mean much. You yearn for their joy at seeing the little green online icon next to your name. Or even the most basic acceptance signifier, permission. Like a mini Helms deep in your head, you believe that by giving them the choice to initiate something they are reciprocating your affection somehow.

But nothing happens.

So you log off and immediately log Back on. Mostly for Dramatic effect. Almost a virtual nod. A tug at the sleeves. Ive done this. It seems so silly. Skipping stones and hoping for waves.

A stone gets its definition from comparison. It is a stone because it is smaller than a boulder but larger than a pebble. Love cannot be defined like this. Because it is not between two things.

No one makes Candy Floss from salt.


(part three in the series)

Part One

Part Two


Anonymous said...

How many in the series?

Az said...

Where's part 1 and 2?

Shame. Guess I should be happy that I dont have any love interests on Gtalk lol!

Nooj said...

Love is the biggest conspiracy of the 21st century

Shafinaaz Hassim said...

the greatest challenge is a relationship beyond social media. imagine that? :P

im liking this 'love is..' series.
dare i say the word? :)

Americanising Desi said...

neither am i getting the wispy or the cticky

M Junaid said...

Dreamlife - No Idea. i dont plan ahead.

azra - i have linked them to the piece

Noojie - you might have a point there. Look at the top highest grossing movies of all time - all of them deal with love


Shafi - I want a relationship that is not dependent on social media.

AD - hope youre at least getting some stick :P

Nooj said...

ok maybe i'm overexaggerating

shafs: PUBLISH :P

Work in Progress said...

Really enjoyed reading this - completely with u on the anxiety bit. But maybe it's not so much insecurity as it is fear? I can relate to the joy of seeing the little green icon next to someone's name :)Oh man, I think I'm turning into a total sap!

M Junaid said...

Haha sap :P!

Look at these Number crunchers and their Sap Love :D

Fathima said...

hmmm...i crave candy floss.

i read this line somewhere in my teens: sorry's sugar from your lips/a cotton candy cane

good to have another perspective of it.

Work in Progress said...

MJ, u seem to be enjoying this far too much. I'm sure my inner cynic is still lurking around somewhere so all is not lost yet :P

Anonymous said...

I think love was once easy but TV fucked it all up and gave us romanticised, artificially sweetened and artificially flavoure ideas of what love is. MSG me.

We make our own rules and own flavours and sweet isnt for everyone and sour isnt for everyone. Its a bit of everything and we need everything.

Keep fighting the good fight.

Shafinaaz Hassim said...

Nooj! Sigh.

Yes. That word :P