Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Indian Werewolf soundtrack - First Single Released

Heres the first single from our upcoming movie, The Attack of The Indian Werewolf. A little background on this track - we were brainstorming the other night because we needed a track for the Club scene. We were using that Apple Bottom Jeans song as a filler track until we could record our own and it seemed to fit so we used it as a starting point. Also, because this is a spoof of Horror movies, we needed to have something that has a 'thriller' feel to it. So the sound guy came up with this beat and we spent two nights working on the chorus and lyrics for this track. Most of the stuff I came up with wasnt used because it was considered too vulgar. I dont mind though.

Heres the track - let me know what you think - as I said before - we are going to use this for a club scene.



KiLLa said...

Will listen to after Ramadaan.


M Junaid said...

what do you think?