Monday, September 07, 2009

Concerning Status Updates

I put zero effort into titles.

I guess its because titles are pretentious - they are always screaming for attention. I dislike that - thats why when I see someone with constant depressing status updates I make it a point to click 'like'.

For instance - when I see stuff like 'Fathima has never known love like this before and is broken :(' I immediately click 'MJ likes this' because first of all most of the people doing this are like 16 and are too soft, or because I cant stand people who do nothing but mope the entire day.

I mean seriously, you bitches* have so much to be grateful for. The mere fact that you have access to facebook means that youre already ahead in the race.

Look, were all allowed to be sad at times. Im not going to deny you that. But this emo suicidal shit needs to stop. Find a confidant or a guidance councillor or something and talk it out. If you can afford it, see a therapist. If you cant, then go to an Aids Clinic and chat to someone there - If anything, the site of other people walking out and crying should be enough to make you realise that your problems arent the end of the world.

This note makes me sound angry - im not - anger means I care. I really dont :)

So enough moping and self loathing - make shukr for what you have. Know that people are not always true. Know that those who are true sometimes err and most importantly, know that I dont give a shit...unless youre hot. Naah, I still wont care if youre always sad



Aasia said...

/Aasia is hurt by this

like comment :)

desert demons said...

Have you considered that people maybe just lonely and want to engage but are afraid to make the effor to do so?

Phénix said...

Why do these people feel the need to share EVERY detail of their lives with everyone on cyberspace? Some things are better left unsaid. Like...

******** **** cAn't stOp thnkn of those thngs u did to me evry nite!!:'(

Makes me want to pick up the phone and tell her mother what he was doing to her every night. Because surely she WANTS everyone to know. Also - learn how to spell!

Then there are those who wish to chronicle every last detail of their pathetic lives. Like:

***** ****** [child]'s toys r orgaized and put in a bin.Now he can use his train table again.I am getting rid of my old computer odds and ends. Im a geek lol!!

***** ****** Going to bed.Just exhausted from everything.Will fill you in 2morrow. Doctor appointment in the AM. Goodnight all!

GRRRRR... write it in a diary if you want to keep a record of how many times you went to the toilet today, how many hours your kid slept, how bad your migraine was, what your shrink told you, etc. etc. Don't defile my news feed with it.

Khadija said...

Hear hear Hajira!
(and mj too)

M Junaid said...

Aasia - :)

Desert demons - i have considered it - thats why i said i dontmind if youre sad occasionally - we arent made of rock. But I cant stand it when every single update is like that

hajira - touche :)

Kay - :)

Fathima said...

Dude. My therapist said it helps when sharing those sad feelings =P