Thursday, September 03, 2009

Concerning Back Aches

My Back Hurts

I dont know why, but it does. Ive eliminated heavy lifting as a suspect because im bloody lazy. Maybe its the way i sleep - but Ive been sleeping horizontally for the past 26 years so I doubt its that.

It feels like ive been headbutted by a large Turkish Woman. I dont know why I had to drag nationality into it. I guess ive seen too many of them when I went for Umrah. I could enter a lift with two Turkish ladies and I'l see a guy approach the lift and ask me if were 'going up'? The appropriate response would be 'Insha Allah'. This post is very mellow, and should be read like that. Say the word groovy - now continue in that strand.

I dont know why people fight for the air con remote at the musjid. Some people go to musjids that have qaris performing. I go to musjids that have aircons performing. I think the aircon at Sparks road musjid is the reason for my back pain.

As kids were taught that we fast so that we can identify with hungry people. But do we? I dont know. I guess its because i know i'm not going to starve the whole day. because I know that come sunset i'l have a ton of food waiting for me. Then again, maybe I was the only one who didnt make shukr growing up.

I'm listening to alot of Radio Al Ansaar this year - theyve really upped their game in terms of content. You can catch them streaming at this link.

I hardly eat during ramadan. I think theres this misconception that we all kinda wolf down at Sehri. I usually just have a glass of coke and a little bit of water. Im more of a dessert man really. No rice or heavy stuff but please pass the creme caramel.

I want to get into pickling but I dont have the patience. I cant look at a cucumber in a jar for more than five minutes without wanting to eat it.

I think Pizza will be awesome sehri food. I need to test this theory.

It wont help my back though. Doesnt hurt to try :)



Az said...

LOL *applause*

You outdid yourself here. I was rolling about laughing. Esp with the 'why bring nationality into it''re right, I do get you. Hopefully you 'get' me too :P

Ironically though, my lower back has been killing me since last Friday. But I took a sorching shower and let it soak up the heat, and today it doesnt feel that bad.

Waseem said...

Pizza is the best leftover food ever.

It wont help or hinder your back ache though

Edge Of Where said...

Pizza rocks sehri time but I cant eat much that time of the morning

Americanising Desi said...

has Ramadan locked the satan away?

Work in Progress said...

Awww u thought of me :)
Pizza is good anytime of the day or night!
Hope ur back feels better soon!

Aads said...

Pizza works good as a Sehri. Just dont eat more than 1 slice.