Saturday, August 22, 2009

Concerning Taraa-Wii

I like Ramadaan.

Most of the time.

People ask me, whats the hardest thing about Ramadan - well, its not the hunger, or the taraweeh or anything like that. Honestly, Its trying not to masturbate.

So Obama wishes us a good Ramadan. Shot.

Only thing though - New York Times said that "Relations with the world's 1.5 billion Muslims soured after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003." I dont know about you but for me it kinda soured when they Invaded Afghanistan in 2001. Those poor Afghans - no one gives a shit about them.

I signed up for twitter last week. Its kinda pointless. And it wont help you get laid. Stick with facebook for that. Twitter, like so many other forms of social networking, is good for one thing - procrastination.

Tonights taraweeh went well - except for this irritating guy next to me. He was reading really loudly - DURING TARAWEEH SALAAH. Now I understand when little kids recite the surahs in Maghrib and whatnot, I mean, they excited because they learnt it in madressah so they read it out - i'm cool with that.. but not when some guy is screaming in my ear. We all know the first few pages of Surah Baqarah so I was hoping he'd stop at Summun Bukmun Umyun Fahum La Yarji Un. But this guy kept going. LOUDLY! So after Salaam I tap him and ask him to keep it down a bit. The guy on the other side of him was looking to me, making a throat slitting motion and mouthing the words 'tell him to shut up'.

So we stand up, and this guy starts again. But now we are getting into murky territory so i can hear him mumbling where he doesnt know the words. So after Salaam I move to another spot. Thats really what Ramadan is about though - avoiding conflict. Well, that and a bunch of other stuff.

Heres a concept I thought off tonight.

The Bin Laden looking guy (who i took from here) is a mii (Nintendo Wii Avatar) The rest is self explanatory. Nafisa and Waseem might get this. I hope more of you do :P



Americanising Desi said...


Nafisa said...

Lol @ bin laden Mii.

Nintendo SA were / still running a Mii lookalike competition and a bunch of other stuff on but I don't think they marketed it well because not many people know about it.

That Mash Guy said...

werd on so many thing there..

masturbation, facebook, twitter, afghanistan.

nice post.

Work in Progress said...

Ramadaan Mubarak :)
This post really did cover everything! Btw what's so great about Ninos?

Anonymous said...

I love Ramadan too :)

Waseem said...

i love lamp

Az said...

I want a Hookah session too...but I resolved to stop and packed it away. Besides, its not that much fun when you're the only one smoking :p

Hope that chicken last night was lovely hahahahahahaha!

bb_aisha said...

I didn't know my brother attends halaqa. Cool

Today at Jum'ah I had an annoying woman next to me who kept pulling my arm to bring me closer to her.
But she should have moved since the saff was longer on my other side. And my friend kept pulling me toward her. I felt like a ping pong ball. Very annoying

M Junaid said...

Desi - are those kisses or profanities? :D

Nafs - I never heard of it - horrible marketing

Mash - thanks laddy :)

WIP - The snack platter :)

Humaira :)

Waseem - Are they even releasing the dino movie here?

Azra - yeah - its a social thing

Spiji - everyones fighting for a piece of you ;)