Friday, June 19, 2009

Concerning Hangers

Why do guys at the traffic lights sell plastic hangers and refuse bags?


Who was the person who told them that this was lucrative?

How many of you guys actually bought hangers from someone at the robot?

I dont know whether these guys are really selling hangers or if its a ploy to get us to give them money because we feel guilty and say 'at least he is trying to earn an honest wage'.

I dont think I will ever be driving through town, searching for a guy that sells hangers.

Not a day did I ever have this thought..... 'I just got this tuxedo from the cleaners, I wish someone would sell me a hanger so that it doesnt crease. Oh Lord would you please send someone with hangers to my car window'.

List of things I buy from People standing at the traffic Light

  • Litchies
  • Ice Cream
  • Slings
  • Roses
  • China Guavas
  • Coca Cola
List of things I dont buy from People standing at the traffic light

  • Sex
  • Hangers
  • Black Bags


Action Wolfe said...

Lmao- I wish australia had hanger sellers at their traffic lights - just so I could see what you were talking about.... I don't think I would trust someone selling me things.... such as coathangers... how do I feel about the quality? hahaha.

Oh my.

Anonymous said...

Actually, i have bought from them before - black bags AND hangers, i think. It was cheaper than a normal shop, at the time...

Waseem said...

If you don't buy hangers from someone at the traffic light, who do you buy them from? Not that I do, but I think we bought some hangers from street vendors, which is similar. I think we also bought those cubes we sit on at a traffic light.

i think the hangers thing is a business model that people take literally, like buy hangers, sell hangers, use money to buy something else, sell that, etc etc. until you're bill gates

M Junaid said...

i seriously didnt think anyone bought hangers from those guys.

I never ever gave it much thought as to were our hangers came from.

I'd buy an inflatable couch from a guy on the street... or a bean bag - ive always wanted a bean bag

Princess said...

I bought coke, litchi and flowers :) Hangers...Ummmm no :)

Sue Me said...

i find the bin bag guys really useful eva since i moved into an apartment coz ethekwini municipality only supplies those high-quality DSW marked bags to people living in houses

KiLLa said...

Porn Dvd's and cocaine

KiLLa said...

What about the giant tennis balls..
Whos sells the giant racquets !!

M Junaid said...

princess - i bought flowers from a guy at the road for this chick once.
When I gave it to her she said she wanted to throw up :P

go figure

sue me - i didnt know that

Killa - I see them seling 'sugars' at the traffic light in shalcross

i have a giant tennis ball!