Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Concerning Domains

I'd like to get my own url like Saaleha/Zoe/Killa/Nafisa but im not too sure what I should register it as.

Ideally I'd like but a balding Texan beat me to it.

So these are available - what do you guys think?

I wouldnt want to have because thats a bit too limiting.


Khadija said...

Ask zk to put you in touch with her hosting dude. he's very reasonable.

Aasia said...

I would go for but there's a though. I think is cool

ZK said...

kay i have sent him same info :)

MJ i would suggest /.com

i tried getting and

but they were taken
and the dude wanted R15000

the thing is its easy to remem the 2 letters then a host of mad ones :)

good luck and may the force be with you on this one lol

Work in Progress said...

I like

How do u register a domain?

Shafinaaz Hassim said...

if is too expensive and mjkhan can be easily confused with the dot com version.. then works :)

Nafisa said...

zk - is that my dude? :P

I like

You can register it on but I recommend that you get your host to do it for you so he can fill in all the technical bits.

If you're a Will & Grace fan - justjunaid( :P

ZK said...

yes nafisa its your guy lol :)
see we work well as a team ;)

Anonymous said...

I went to for said something like, "MJ Khan for city controller"


KiLLa said...

Use afrihost..
Or ask nafisa to hook u up for free.. lol

I also own (pending document signing)

Ur domain
should be short
and catchy
and proudly south african
sounds kewl

That Mash Guy said...



Az said...

I like

but will do too :D

Waseem said...

you should make it a poll, and go for opposite of what everyone says

i think you should go with concerningmj, cos thats what people know

Antonio said...

geez....first visit in a while....

I like

M Junaid said...

its a toss up between and

i think i'l go for :)