Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Concerning Love (4)

I love you more than E-TV loves showing Gone in Sixty Seconds on a Sunday Night

I love you more than Indian Guys love taking profile pics of themselves wearing shades indoors

I love you more than Liverpool fans love worshipping Gerrard

I love you more than the Director of Saw loves making pointless sequels

I love you more than Osama bin Laden loves Sony Digital Video Cameras

I love you more than Home Affairs employees love taking lunch breaks

I love you more than DUT students love rioting

I love you more than Sean Paul loves mumbling in his Songs

... Ok, Maybe not as much as Liverpool supporters love Gerrard but almost as much =)



Az said...

Ooh ooh can I try?

I love you more than Aunty Padma loves her burfee.

I love you more than Greenpeace loves the Whales.

I love you more than Paris Hilton loves screwing around on video.

I love you more than the sunflowers love the sun.

I lvoe you more than Chris Brown loves smashing Rihannas face.

I can think of like a billion :D

KiLLa said...

On the Liverpool fan..

A true fan would love Carragher more..

His my LFC hero !!

(remember Gerrad nearly signed for chelski 3 years back.. from the horses mouth)

desert demons said...

lololol puts a new spin on love poetry. please add ... even more than Malema likes putting his foot in his mouth !

Shafinaaz Hassim said...

lol @ dd! bravo mj!

hmm.. lets see..

i love you more than manto loves her liver? nah. lol. it was worth the spin on things i thought :P

i met mrs msimang (that doesnt look spelt right?) this week past. not manto, her predecessor in the wifey rankings. she's almost 85 and has offices in luthuli house. but she's in a class altogether different from manto. and she speaks fluent hindi. people are as different as stones on the planet.