Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Concerning Kids

Ive been Tagged by Kimya to list ten pieces of advice that I would give my kids. This meme was started by Kay so mad props to her etc etc :P Ive got a few minutes before I have to leave campus so lets knock something out quickly

1. Listen to your mother. She will probably know whats best for you and I will not undermine her when she says no... Unless she tells you not to buy me a gift. In that case you rebel. However, make note of number 6.

2. Learn to hold the joystick correctly - there is a reason why Ive had you.

3. Slippers are appropriate footwear for any occasion

4. Wrestling is fake. Watch as much of it as you like, but know that its not real. Neither is anything you see on Survivor or Big Brother - its all scripted and manipulated.

5. Read your salaah. I dont care if you watch tv, listen to music, destroy plants and small animals... but you must read your salaah. But try not to kill small animals.

6. I do not want a Fifty Rand Fathers Day card that has been paid for with my money. Get a Job and then waste your money on a card. Until then - Crayons and Felt Tip Pens will do.

7. Share your food with everyone. Do not eat by yourself. There is barkat (blessing) in sharing

8. Once youve earned enough money and are old enough- travel. See the world. Leave your mother and I alone. We are going to want some alone time when we grow old.

9. Get a hobby or get involved in some sport. As long as it doesnt mean I have to wake up at six on a Sunday Morning to drive you to cricket practise.

10. Some day you will have children of your own. Your mum and I will probably love them to bits. But please dont dump them on us.

11. Your aunty Joe is a little strange but I know you will still love her.

12. Learn to count - Unlike your dad.



Aasia said...

i love this, you sound like a real parent! just like my brothers!

Khadija said...

I second Aasia, you've got a knack for fatherhood already. :)

Shafinaaz Hassim said...

thanks for taking it on! i knew this would be worth the read :P

number three definitely rocks something awesome. almost as good as not colourin in the lines. still remember the look on ur sisters face wen she met the lot of us at pav and u had a pair on :P


oh and number six is a close second!

KiLLa said...

u shud be Lukes father..

Americanising Desi said...

i so oppose your salaah point!
dude!!! no no to the rest too!

Nielfa Hanifa said...

LoL @ no. 5

bb_aisha said...

good advice

Nafisa said...

I'm so guilty of #6. Technically, my mom paid, but its still my dad paying at the end!

re #1 - when I make decisions regarding my kids someday... dare my husband not back me up :P

Shafinaaz Hassim said...

I tag Nielfa, Bibi and Nafisa to give this tag thing a go :P

Come on ladies...

Nafisa said...

Alright Shafs, here ya go

Antonio said...

Geez this is one tag thing that really took off. Kudo's to Kay.

Az said...

Hey Bunny. Wassup.

No 7. I suppose you'll be sharing your strawberry milkshakes heh? You better! lol

I like no. 9...its so important for kids to stay active these days.

Anonymous said...

We do know that they probably won't listen to us.

I like this :D

i think I'm going to collate everyone's posts and keep it for future reference.

hubby added little pointers to my post...i wonder who's going to be the strict one!


Nielfa Hanifa said...

Here's my take... http://blog.essenceofcapetown.co.za/2009/05/listen-to-me-and-listen-well.html

M Junaid said...

Thanks aasia and Kay - I will totally rock as a dad!

Kimya - yeah - its been too long since ive had orange juice

Killa - darth was a lousy dad - he cut his sons hand off and tried to kill him

AD - Never said i'd be the perfect dad... just an awesome one :)

Nielfa - thanks for giving it a shot lass :)

Spiji - :)

Nafs - Yeah - i can totally picture you going psycho mum

Antonio - yeah it did hey :)

Chica - Me shake su shake

PIH - i think Minty will be the mean one, and you'l be the one who tries to be mean but cant quite pull it off :P