Friday, April 03, 2009

Concerning Pets


I dont know why I did it - im not usually an animal person, but I saw it in the pet store and I had to have it. I cant believe how much joy this little rat is bringing me :) Mum was extremely hesitant at first... and it did take two days of convincing before she let me keep it. I think what convinced her though was seeing the kids play with it. Damn Grandkids always get away with more than I can.

Came home yesterday and found Abdullah, Zahraa and Muhammed Azam huddled in a corner - I figured they were just busy scheming and meditating - you know - working out new places to leave their bicycles so that we trip over them, thinking about which game saves they can delete from my ps2 memory card - usual stuff like that. Turns out they had my hamster in their hands and they were taking turns in feeding it chocolate cake! He wasnt complaining though - although all that sugar did make him extra hyper.

Pity he didnt bite them. Maybe next time.

Im getting another hamster in a few weeks - dont want the little guy getting bored when im at work. The only problem is that I havent come up with a name for it yet - so im going to leave the floor open. I was thinking of calling him Dub... which is short for Dabbatul Ardh ( Beast from the Earth) Basically - I want him to have a scary sounding name - like a dragon or something. Any suggestions?



Anonymous said...

i want a kitten!
i don't know what i'll do when it grows into a cat though.
i had many cats before, mum gave them away, nephew has allergies. yes, grandchildren get away with a lot or grandparents just use them as an excuse.

i do like the name you have picked. sounds like an evil hamster.

Action Wolfe said...

Little animals need strong tough - don't fuck with me type names... to make them adorably cuter!! haha.

I vote for one of the following:

Hahahaha - thing big and tough - not hamster... But this is coming from a person who named his cat Jack.... middle name Shit... hahaha.

xx Action Wolfe
a new fairy tale is about to be unleashed...

KiLLa said...

i had a pet snake once.. (ok i had 2)..

both endured the full wrath of my mothers anger.. And both were let free in the bush..

ii called em Snake1 and Snake2

TheDivorcedMuslimah said...

Hamsters are really cute pets to have...I've had quite a few in my life. It's not so good when they die though...they only have a lifespan of like 3 years.

I'm bad at names so I can't help you there...sorry :-)

But if you need advice on the little hammie, I'm your girl!

Are you feeling better?

Morena said...

Call him Zeus or Zaphod or Lion

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

you should name it kitten.


looks like a sn but, more baller.

Anonymous said...

ur hamster will pick vibes from you and turn all evil.
i m so sure of it comin!

mazozo said...

Hmmm I've had one of these before their interesting quite cute in fact but they do die quickly enjoy while you can....

I just called mines hamster.Hammy for short

Slaughter House/Mouse
RDK(Rodent Death Kill)
The Teeth

Does the name have to be arabic?

mazozo said...

Oh oh oh I got it!


SOunds sinister

I've been watching to much xmen

mystic rose said...

ive been considering getting a hamster. I need to read up on it. so how is it, taking care of it so far? lot of work?

M Junaid said...

Pih - you can always drown it

Action - rogue sounds cool - because its a girl hamster

Killa - what were they?

Fuz - thanks alot hey :) Yeah - colds go away after two days - i have an amazing immune system

Morena - mum named him tubby, and the kids have picked it up too - so we stuck with that

Texan - wont that give it a complex :)

Mazozo - we should do spur again soon

Mystic Rose - its a wonderful little creature - low maintenance. seriously - nothing this small has given me so much joy since i bought a psp