Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Concerning Effervescents

I wanted to blog tonight but i'm feeling sick ( I dont mean sick in the 'watching baby seals being clubbed to death' sick, but fluey sick) Its weird really as MJ never gets sick. Mum thinks its because im stretching myself too thinly - between research commitments, lecturing and the shop - oh yeah - I took the Unisa position today as well - not the smartest decision i made but hey - ive made worse.

Because of the flu/cold/ general yuckiness I had to give away my cricket ticket - I had a box seat that was given to me by Coke (well, ABI... and you wonder why I dont boycott the guys :) I was looking forward to this match since last year - but as it draws closer - I find myself not caring anymore. Maybe i'm over my 'live cricket' phase. I dont know.

I'm really into Chuck though :) Its such an awesome tv series. I think Killa was going on about it lately - glad I started following.

MY PS3 doesnt play avi files off my flashdrive.. and I think that sucks. But not as much as Land Invasion in Zimbabwe.

Ive been trying to O.D on this Corenza C thing since yesterday - it doesnt work. I dont even think it tries. But I love giving things a second chance, so i'l try one now. I like how it fizzles... which is perhaps an indication of it healing properties. Then again - Shifa Kajoor is overrated... but we arent allowed to say that.

This post makes no sense. I think those flutex are kicking in :)

Come to think about it - baby seals are overrated too.

Crocodiles FTW!


Who Am I? said...

Corenza C work 4 me usually..
While flutex makes me woozy, really woozy.
Research, lecturing and the shop?? Wow...i guess you're a Bar One Man..who has a 25hr day. =P

TheDivorcedMuslimah said...

Shame MJ...hope you fell better soon :-)

TheDivorcedMuslimah said...

I meant FEEL better soon :-)

Az said...


For me its Med Lemon - drink it while it's still hot, but not so hot that it burns your mouth. one of those with two sinucon just before you go to bed works wonders.

In fact, I take Med Lemon even when I suspect a flu coming on and it nips it right in the bud.

It tastes like shit though.

Nielfa Hanifa said...

Hope you get better... Don't overdo the Conrenza C, though. My husband's capillaries in his nose tend to constrict and burst, so he ends up with bloody snot if he uses it too much.

Flutex or Vicks Medi-Nite is a good alternative.

Shafinaaz Hassim said...

aah, take berocca daytime.. should sort u out with the major dose of vitamin c.. hope u feel better soon!


Anonymous said...

get well soon and yea MJ sickness is what is unique, just dont hear that often! actually never!

Anonymous said...

Being sick sucks, hope you get well soon. I recommend chocolate and soup :P

M Junaid said...

i love reading these commments over and over again :D thanks guys :)