Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Concerning Car Guards

One of the geriatric car guards popped in at my shop today and asked me if I could copy a dvd for him. So I asked him if it contained any copyright material and he said No, and that it was very special to him.

So I figured it was his Granddaughters Graduation or His Daughters Wedding Dvd or something like that.

A family had come in to buy a pair of Singstar Mikes so while they were going through the catalogue of titles I thought I'd pop it into the DVD player quickly and test the copy I made for him.

Turns out it was a Home Video of Two Guys Banging a Chick.



Edge Of Where said...

Was the car guard one of the guys?

Zahera said...

ahahahahaha could only happen to you. Hang on... you did switch it off after you realised right? :-P

KiLLa said...

I bet u didnt even put the DVD in.. U just un paused it from before he came in :P

Anonymous said...

and you kept watching????
i bet you did !!!

Tazeen said...

you have a knack of attracting all kinds of weirdos

ka said...

hhahaah .. good show!

Hasina Suliman said...


M Junaid said...

Edge - I couldnt see the second guy clearly but i honestly doubt it was him - the guy is pushing eighty or so

Zesty - about that :)

Killa - no - i took it out off the dvd player immediately - i was going to watch a bit more on my pc screen a bit later but the guy came in to pick it up so i didnt get a chance. But then again - who watches porn at work?

Loaf - nope :)

Tazeen - Yeah - just look at my commenters ;)

Causiph :) - true story. i swear

Lady - :D