Thursday, February 19, 2009

Concerning Strippers

Mj's message for the week...

adapted from a tshirthell t shirt.



KiLLa said...

Dirsty Sexy Money is an awesome show.. I watched em all thus far..

Im now into Gossip Gal aka Panchaat Poyree..

As for the pic.. Strippers need P.A.Y.E, UIF and medical as well..

"will give head for sadqah" was still the winner.

Jeremy James said...

DSM is good, pity it was cancelled in season 2.

i'm also into gg. My favorite show since the OC.

Work in Progress said...

Cant get enough of Dirty Sexy Money - havent watched last night's finale yet though. Sad that it's over.

Lol at ur msg for the week... I'm sure ull volunteer urself selflessly for the cause?

Anonymous said...

who ever told you to watch it???
you could have asked me? i could have saved you the waste of effort and senses!

Az said...

LOL @ song lyrics....

Why do they always cancel the good shows? Masochists.

Anonymous said...

i'm very very upset that dirty sexy money has been cancelled.
i think that was the only show i've been enjoying lately.
now i have to deal with ugly betty (why can't they cancel that instead?), grey's anatomy, desperate housewives.

watched love guru on monday night. husband fell asleep halfway through. i fell asleep 3/4 through. utter waste of time.