Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Concerning Quarter Loaves

Concerned Helpers is going a bit slow:(

Because of funding issues I can only distribute Bunny Chows every fortnight, but i'm going to sign up with Adgator (Placing ads on my blog) and whatever I make there will go into it. Unless I make thousands - then most of the money will go into the 'Creme Caramel for MJ' fund :D. Heres a pic of the loaves of bread we cut up for Yesterdays distribution ( I was feeling detached to the whole process so they let me cut the loaves.. well - I only did two before they interceded and stopped me - I didnt know cutting bread was so hard - I made a mess of it. Drop me an e-mail if you would like to sponsor Bunny chows for a week (it comes to 120 rand each time) Also - let me know if you know of any deserving places... well, in the Durban region (im not driving up to Stanger!)

I made a Hawaiian Pizza tonight. It was awful! I tried to be faithful to the original recipe, even substituting Macon for Bacon. Macon is such a pointless processed meat. Its the Soya of the Muslim World. Ive bitched about this before. Anyway - the point is - I suck at making Pizza.



Anonymous said...

dude i will give you one big reason to love the pizza you think you suck at making

I CANT EVEN MAKE ONE.. HAVENT TRIED TO IN 26 YEARS... how is that for an ego booster eh!
now laugh at me and make merry at your art!
as for Brad Pitt.. darn i dont like him but surely loved his character Assasination of Jesse James... and I heard loads about Benjamin Button and obviously I loved Spy Game... not that he can do a one man show well but who cares. his pick of character is bravo.

Valkrye is up on my list too... not too soon but yea it is :D though I dont dig that guy either!

Az said...

I make beautiful pizza :D

Hey those Bunnychows dont look too angle?

Brad Pitt all the way. Tom Cruz is a gay couch jumping pansy. I hate pansies.

M Junaid said...

Brad pit was awesome in snatch. . Just like how tom was awesome in tropic thunder :)

Thats just the bread thats cut . Without the filling. We can put the filling when the breads like that :P. Each one is wrapped individually. If you look closely you can see the one i cut. Its there.
I love scooters pizza

Tazeen said...

when you are Tome Cruise, you can get away with telling the world to Fuck you, i am Tom Cruise and I will do whatever I want. At times, i want to do that too but If I do that, people will probably put me in a straight jacket. that's the power of a couple of hundred million dollars and celebrity.

Tazeen said...


I fell in love with Tom Cruise when i was a teenager and saw Jerry Macguire. I fell out of love sometime later but fell absolutely in love with him again after Tropic Thunder. After that dance that he did before the credits rolled was the best thing i have seen in the longest time by any actor.

TheDivorcedMuslimah said...

I used to like Tom Cruise...especially after watching MI:2---he was HOT in there! Although I prefer Brad Pitt as I actually met and touched him...nice guy, btw :-)

I stopped liking Tom Cruise after Scientology made him he's just weird. (Albeit an excellent actor-won't take that away from him!)

C'mon guy! You can't make Pizza? It's mucho easy! I like making mini ones especially in Ramadaan...maybe that should be my next recipe so you can try it out and thus become a Pizza-Making master :-)

Nooj said...

this striking thing really riles me
suraj huwa mdham is one of the few indian songs i remember. coz of the black sari kajol wore. i am NOT lesbian. i just wanted that sari. u love food. so u give it out. what if u give out food AND books. i'd be more comfortable with that. coz if u die then the food wont come but they'll still read the book. better still u could start a literacy class. build a centre. i am not dissing the food thing, Allah knows feeding the poor has thawaab. However. We need to start thinking longtermlongtermlongterm

Nafisa said...

Dude, its coming across that you like Tom Cruise because he is a good looking guy?! :P

I was a fan when I was younger, but not since he became a weirdo. I love Top Gun.

I made an easy peasy pizza - takes 10-12 minutes to get done once topping is dumped over it. (No yeast goes in).

I dont get the macon and mocktails thing.

Nuraan said...

haha i watched valkirye last weekend and i agree! there was no german accents but everyone was typing in german... a movie like that, needed more authenticity and realism.