Monday, February 02, 2009

Concerning Almonds

Once upon a time (not that that really makes sense - how can something be upon time? If I said once upon Pamela Anderson it would make sense but lets ignore that for now)... Once upon a time, there was a Monkey and a Wolf. It was a hot summers day and the wolf desired some ice cream. But the monkey, being a monkey didnt have any ice cream. You cant keep freezers in trees it seems. So the wolf had sabr but then decided to eat the Monkey instead.
The End I want to speak about protest marches for a bit. If you read my chatbox, you will know that I do not attend protest marches anymore. However, i will never discourage anyone from attending. Personally I consider them to be counter productive and ive noted how the media covers these events (not favourably to say the least) and also - its so easy for a peaceful demonstration to be marred and hijacked by moronic actions that it almost always loses its noble intent. I remember a protest march I attended a few years ago. It was an enjoyable march (i'l come back to this later) but then some idiots decide to throw tomatoes at the representative at the American Consulate. Guess what stole the headline the next day. Ive seen photographers and journalists zero in on the most rabid and aggressive individual, at the exclusion of the thousands of others whose mere collective presence and meditated formations are enough to galvanise some sense of solidarity. One more thing - I think Lighters or any type of fuel should be banned from marches. Burning Flags is a futile exercise. I understand the symbolic gesture behind it, but give me dialogue over Flames any day.

The biggest reason why I didnt attend attend the Gaza Protest March was because of my nafs. I knew that if I was going to be there it would have been so that people could see me, and not really for The Palestinian People. Weve all done this before - dress up for marches... (I dont know, maybe its just me). And I guess i'm just trying to be sincere and true to myself. I know it sounds like a dick excuse, but thats how I feel.

I was always quite cynical about the Obama craze that seemed to have washed over many of us, a little part of it was due to me thinking that most people were just caught up in the frenzy. His words at AIPAC

are still fresh in my mind. But then I watched his inauguration speech and i found myself getting swept up as well. I was filled wiht this warm giddy feeling for some reason. I think they market that as Hope. For one night, i had hope.

Many thanks are due to the Craftsman of this Amazing Dish for helping me get my own Singstar Bollywood. Its awesome! I'l do a blog on it soon, and hopefully will record a duet of Suraj Hua Madham with Shiraz or waseem (they can be Kajol)

I was looking for a snack in the pantry tonight and I saw some almonds... and then I realised that Ive never seen Almonds being picked off a tree. i couldnt even imagine how they looked or how they hung from the tree (if they hung at all) The idea of little brown grape-like bunches seems absurd. I cant picture almonds in anything but a Bag or container. So I googled 'Almonds in their natural habitat' in google Images but I couldnt find any pics (maybe my search was worded ridiculously but im not going to allow that to affect the conjecture of my hypothesis) which makes me think that almonds are not grown on trees at all. I think almonds are like those genetically modified chickens that KFC are allegedly using (the ones you read about in those bullshit e-mails)

Some people have a five second rule when it comes to eating food that has been dropped on the floor. I have like a Five hour rule. I dont care. If it dropped on the floor, and if it isnt covered in sand or similar coating, I'l dust it off and EAT IT! Even if it falls on the floor of a Pakistani restaurant. I have the immune system of a Greek God! My White Blood Cells sing the theme from Highlander when they are destroying bacteria.

My dad bought a bottle of freshly squeezed Pomegranate Juice today. It tastes like fermented goat Piss (Thats just a figure of speech but if you do have first hand experience you are welcome to share it - i might even enable anon comments;) Now I know that pomegranate is mentioned in surah Rahman and what not, but i'm going to have to pass on that one. i'm guessing 'the other place' will serve Coke. I can guarantee they'l be serving Crerars. Eternal damnation and all that :)



Anonymous said...

It tastes like fermented goat Piss ???
ewwww not really i think i like the juice and you just ruined the tatse!

Work in Progress said...

Do u ever sleep? :P

Anonymous said...

"My White Blood Cells sing the theme from Highlander when they are destroying bacteria."

LOL!!!! Oohwhee...that made me laugh for a good 5! That's something my dad believes in. LOL.

Nafisa said...

You had me ROFLMAO @ fermented goat piss.

Oh cool, you received your copy of Singstar Bollywood. Suraj Hua Madham is such a romantic song / video, I even like it. Although not SRK or Kajol fan.

Thanks for linking me! I hope you try the dessert, its so easy and so delicious.

Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

If pomegranate juice is left out too long, it does develop a certain mingent quality. (just a fancy way of reiterating your goats wee simile, I learnt that word yesterday, watch me overkill).

M Junaid said...

Seher - have you tried ruby grapefruit?

WIP - Yeah - On mondays :D

PiH - sing with me - I am immortal! I have inside me blood of kings yeah!

Nafisa - my pleasure - will make it this week

Saals -

A said...


Waseem said...

I had that ruby grapefruit liqui cooler thing, its nice, but I prefer cranberry flavor

Ishaq said...

I have an almond tree in my jhb nogal! They grow individually in a little green shell which opens up slightly as it ripens..jus got about a kilo and a half of badaams off it last week!

bb_aisha said...

Now I'm thinking about love & friendship

Anonymous said...

I have to agree regarding pomegranite juice. The 100% variety is very very acidic, a pungent taste that is not for all. The actuall Pomegranite fruit on the other hand is much much better.


M Junaid said...

thanks princess :)

waseem - liqui fruit is not a fair representation of said juice

ishaq - that sounds so cool :) took any pics?

BB - :)

Antonio - yeah - I just had three handfuls of anar now - but i didnt know i wanst supposed to eat the seeds