Monday, January 19, 2009

Concerning Links

Not sure how accurate this is, but this is how I remember it.

So he met her when this chap was down for a blog meet. The first movie we all watched together was this and we were joined by him and her. No sparks or anything like that... or if there were, they hid it quite well. We watched tons of other movies after that including this favourite of mine. Then around this time, this happened.

Yesterday was the engagement :)

Congrats to QD and Shiraz
I love you guys dearly.


(I had ten minutes to kill so I fooled around with a new photo editing software I found that has a 'Waseem blend into background' and 'Give Mj a Black Eye' plug in)


shameema said...

That's sweet :)

Congrats Qdee and Shiraz

Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

Mamma is all teary-eyed and wants to give everyone one of her big fleshy hugs.

To QD and Shiraz, here's to a lifetime of goofy lovey doveyness together.

Anonymous said...


congrats to the happy couple :D

Nooj said...

gorgeous pic
hamish was right the female bloggers are blessed with much more than the male bloggers :P
congrats u guys lets hope the magic is contagious to the others in the pic *hides*

Waseem said...

I dont think the rest of us are ready for marriage nooj :P, but thanks anyway

qdee said...

Omg..thats so sweet! :) im all smiles now. Thank was everythng we wanted and more

Zahera said...

Awww thats Qdee? she looks beautiful mashaAllah! :-) Many congratualtions and may you both have a lifetime of happiness! Ameen.

EmJay why are you in the centre as though youre the lucky guy?:-P move over man!

Yaseen said...

Hey's like a Bollywood story man. Or maybe it's a Bloggywood story......

Qdee and Shiraz, congrats. It's gonna be another blogger wedding!

Mohamed Karolia said...

That is really sweet. is the story true though? did they meet when i came down to durbs?

MJ we need to have one of our game/wrestling/life talks

qdee said...

Thanx guys :) yeah kman, that was the 1st time we met. At 2GO, all coz u came 2 durbz lol.. I dont remember much xcpt those ppl behind the pardah facility that kept eyeing us suspiciously :D

KiLLa said...

Shit I'm cursed.. I also ate at 2 Go for my meet.. Dammit we going to piet retief or louie tichard..

Shiraz said...

The engagement really did rock. Thanks Mj, and thanks to all for their well wishes.

Now as Saaleha said it's on to a lifetime of goofy lovey doveyness together. Can't wait....

Waseem said...

Q, i also remember you wore the red jacket, and the bar one milkshakes yum.

KimyaShafinaaz said...

Congrats Q & S :)

I ditto Saals, converted of smelly wellingtons fame :P

Hi MJ: sweet post, dude.

M Junaid said...

Shams - was very sweet :)

Mamma and PIH - AWWW :)

Noorjehaan - I know im hot :P

Waseem - I am actually

QDee - My pleasure. was awesome feeling like family.

Zesty - This was the order from left to right. Waseem, Joe, MJ, Shiraz, QD, Nikhat. I'm always the center of attention :P

Yaseen - Yeah - we should do a parody - 'Not another Blogger wedding' :)

K - The story is true - Q verified it.

Heres a shot of the infamous red jacket :)

I remember the K man night well - I ate my food, and then I ate BB's food :). Didnt someone order the acupulco crap?

Killa - Hey - Legs and Chickzilla were hot, so if you bag them - muchos respecto senor

Shiraz - :) I rock!

Waseem - My ice cream was better than yours on Sunday :P

Kimya - ta.