Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Sequel to Daughters Are Diamonds

A Note from the Publisher

'Sons Are Shits' is a groundbreaking treatise on the tribulations that mothers of Indian extract face on a daily basis. it is a follow up to the critically acclaimed Daughters Are Diamonds.

As a study, it sets out to define these questions: How are the Head-aches, challenges and obstacles facing South African Indian Mothers within the family, perceived and experienced by the individual? To what extent, if at all, does traditionalist culture create/influence raising lazy delinquents?

The journey has been one from research manuscript to published work with little encouragement and no interest from all across the world. Amid zero ambiance, "Sons Are Shits" was launched on Christmas 2008 at various Nandos around South Africa including the branches at Overport and Springfield. Articles have been scarce and debates nonexistent. More than two thousand books have been distributed (for free) since it first came off the press. We are optimistic.



Shafinaaz Hassim said...

Oh mY Word

Shafinaaz Hassim said...

It was sposed to be Sons are Sinners... Sons are Saints... Sons are Sizzler-fans... Sigh

Shafinaaz Hassim said...

LOL... I just saw the 'Daughters are Demons' label now :P

Its a perrrrfect parody for the one year anniversary of the denaming of my book! I just cant remember if that happened on stage or at the walkabout.. and was it you or seraj? LOL

Anonymous said...

wth? lol

KiLLa said...


Wonder if Nandos in Randofontein will stock it :P

Anonymous said...

I went to my local nandos and requested the book. The guy gave me a perplexed look and told me to go to virgin megastore for books cos they only sell chickens. But then i remembered a year ago when i called to order a quarter chicken meal they told me they don't have chickens! I'm bewildered.

Mohamed Karolia said...

Hahaha lol. Thats hillarious

Shafinaaz Hassim said...

i decided since i can't sue you, (cos ur a nice long-haired strange boi) you owe me a lime milkshake when the masses clear the beaches :)
and im hoping you won't offer to do my new book cover :P

anyway, this is official thanks for the creative parody. i just mailed it to some fans of your uncle iqbal stuffs around jhb jus so they know that i know someone famous like you! (ur known as the muslim chuck norris btw)