Monday, December 29, 2008

Concerning Singstar

A few weeks ago I bought Singstar for the PS2. Ive always been fascinated with Sonys ability to bring gaming into the mainstream (something that Nintendo has just perfected with its wii)

One thing that I can say with all certainty - I truly suck at singing :D

For those who havent heard of Singstar - Basically its like a Karaoke game, and it comes with two microphones which you connect to your console. The aim of the game is to mimic the songs that are being played and you are scored according to pitch, tempo and how many of the neighbourhood dogs are still alive.

Its a great concept and once you get over the initial anxiety of singing in public (or even singing alone in you room) Its great fun and makes for an excellent party game. I kinda went a little singstar crazy and bought a whole lot of them (They are divided into genres) At the moment I'm sitting with six of them, which basically means I suck six times more than I would if I just had one. Heres a list of songs that are on each one

Its weird though, because out of the combined 180 songs spread across six genres, Theres only two songs that I sing really well - Complicated by Avril Lavigne and father and Son by Ronan Keating feat Yusuf Islam. its a huge conspiracy though - because I sang TalaAl Badru alaina instead of Yusuf Islams bit and I got full points. One for the conspiracy hounds I guess. I recorded a few videos of Waseem singing Kylies in Your Eyes. Should get a good few hits on Youtube, but I know that if I put it up he'l record me singing Superstar by jamelia and send that shit to ETV with some almost news story attached to it. (Long Haired Retarded Boy finds joy in Playstation)

Ive been trying to get the Singstar Bollywood ever since I got the microphones. So if anyone has it or knows where I can get it from. Please let me know. Otherwise I'l be forced to break into Charmed's mother in laws house and steal her copy.

I wish I could create my own Singstar though (Singstar Nasheeds will Rock) Thing is - most of the tracks I want are already spread across the 70 or so Singstar Titles out there so I wont repeat any of those tracks (otherwise Zombie by the Cranberries would be right up there) heres twelve tracks I would love to have on Singstar

    1. Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus
    2. UB40 - Kingston Town
    3. Nelly Furtado - Say It Right
    4. Tenacious D - BeezleBoss
    5. Skunk Anansie - Carmen Queezy
    6. Tracy Chapman - Fast car
    7. Eagle eye Cherry - Save Tonight
    8. BYP - Where is The love?
    9. iio - At The End
    10. Three Doors Down - Let You Go
    11. Linkin Park - In The End
    12. Staind - Its been Awhile



Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

We had Singstar Karoake at my Mendhi/bridal shower. I think the evening's hit was my mum and I singing "Pump up the jam".

Lips is pretty cool too. I like that you can use your own songs but a negative is that there is no function to pull lyrics from the net in that instance.

Next blogger meet, we're breaking the mics.

M Junaid said...

is the own song thing gimmicky or is it a viable alternative to what they have?

youre probably going to hate me but i can get lips with the mics for about 490 :)

definitely looking into lips - but for now - i'm making great use of the dusty ps2.

as for next blog meet - bring it on!

Shafinaaz Hassim said...

lol... how awesome! altho.. if this list is by order of importance then in my book, linkin park and tracy chapman would move up the ranks :P

karaoke it is! last time i really sang was in a rickety old bus on a gravel road in malawi! and that too, the good ol fashuned way with fellow passengers using their laps for drumbeat (or maybe it was impatience... somebuddy get that gal to shut up already?! lucky for them u cant choose family ;)

Unknown said...

Singstar is wicked. as for singstar bollywood- its hilarious because I cant realy get the words or their pronunciation correct and so I make up my own words and yet I hit all the notes which is annoying t those people who do understand the language. Man, come to Oz for your next blog meet so I can sing too. Warning!! I hog the mic

M Junaid said...

Emmy. I just sang the shit out of air supply's 'all out of love'. First time i ever got the lead singer icon :). I'm a mike hog of note- i mean, i spent the last week mc'ing at the exhibition centre. I'v been thinking about australia since last night. Where about are you?

Az said...

LOL...I'd love to see Waseem kicking Kylies "In your Eyes" lmao.

Talking Air Supply and Linkin Park, I'd kick ass.

I once sang Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer" on stage with a Gay associate at a Karoake evening in London. I've practiced :P But I suck big time :D

Nafisa said...

If you serious about breaking in, we're all going on holiday on Friday for a week :P

Try They still deliver to SA even though dot com doesnt.

I sang Blink 182's all the small things, thinking rock is much easier, but no, turns out I'm still tone deaf. Thanks Singstar! I'm glad we sang in duets, so I didnt have to suck alone.

Have you tried guitar hero?! I'm a rock star :)

Waseem said...

wasnt the video Good Charlotte - I just wanna live? I remember the chorus was particularly cringeworthy

Unknown said...

Im in Perth- basically the farm of Oz but still it's home and has it's own charm :) Come for a visit.

Give me the killer sor coldplay and I get Singstar. there is only one person who has topped me. The playback even sounds awesome. Yes im quite modest :P

M Junaid said...

azra - I tried singing Roxxette last night - Must have been Love- - I was average, but I sucked so bad in Listen to your heart.

Charmed - I'l check it out today. concerning guitar hero/ rock band. I ordered a copy - just waiting for it to come :)

Waseem - aww, so cute - you think I only recorded one song :) Aww.

Emmy - Give me a nasheed to sing - I can pull those off quite well.