Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Concerning Pop Culture

Ive always been fascinated by popular culture.

I'm lucky because as a media student I'm encouraged to study consumer behaviour and trends(the exciting bits anyway - I'l leave the psych stuff to Nojkins and Sue. Remember how everyone started saying savvy after watching Pirates of the Caribbean - kinda like that). Even better, I found that interspersing my lectures with anecdotes from Popular Culture have helped my students grasp theories much more easily. (You have to give people something they identify with)

So if I were to teach the Propaganda model that was put forth by Chomsky, I'd use the resignation of Carlos Alberta Parreira or the death of Soap Star Ashley Callie as examples. (I'l paste my first year course outline in the comments section if anyone is keen to see how I systematically brainwash people)

So, coming back to pop culture - Id like to propose a few additions that I came up with on the way home today.

NOS-talgia (Fast and the Furious)
A sentimental yearning for remembering life... a quarter mile at a time.

Chronicles of Dhania
Going to a girls house to give a proposal but only remembering the abundance of coriander in the samoosas.

Lighting a Babylon Candle (Stardust)
Ingesting LSD or a similar Hallucinogen while thinking of a place you'd like to travel to.

Doing a Chuck and Larry (I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry)
Having an ulterior motive for doing something.

Biting an Onion (Shrek)
Going through a complicated time in your life

I'l think of a few more tomorrow and I'l add them



M Junaid said...

National Diploma: Journalism (NDJRN1)
1st-Year: 2008
Semester 1

Media Studies
Lecturer – Mr M J Khan

Don’t want to be an American Idiot
One Nation controlled by the Media
Information age of Hysteria
It’s calling out to idiot America
- Green Day

As we move closer towards a globalised digital age, we find that the media has taken centre stage, and thus it is imperative that we as South Africans analyse the medias political, social, economical and cultural role in influencing society. This module aims to empower the student to not only critique the media, but also play a role in its production. Pop Culture will be interspersed with South African examples in an attempt to unpack the various approaches to the media from a scholarly perspective.

There will be an even split between the theoretical trajectories and practical component of this course.

The module has five broad sections.

· Media and Identity
· Professional communication – The use of Public Relations
· Basic Media Theories
· Case study – Media in South Africa
· The Future is now – New Media Studies

There will be a number of short Continuous Assessment Tasks as well as two larger projects. The CA tasks will form a portfolio and will be weighted as 50 percent of the course mark, while the two projects will be weighted at 25 percent each. Below is a breakdown of the Portfolio tasks

1. Media and Identity – Self promotion exercise 10 percent
2. Advert Analysis 10 percent
3. Creative Writing Exercise – Haiku and 5 Fiction 10 percent
4. Spin Exercise 10 percent
5. ‘Weapons of Mass Deception’ – Q and A 10 percent

I can be contacted at .
Looking forward to an informative and fun year.

Anonymous said...

Nice :)

Your NOS-talgia got me. Hmmm perhaps it was just the image of Vin Diesel that got the mega watt smile happening :P

Your course sounds interesting. Good luck with it.

Az said...

I also got stuck with the image of Vin Diesel's, but his

My brain turns to mush just reading through the coursework. I really do need a holiday :)

UJ said...

The Chuck and Larry one is classic .. gonna have to remember that one .. it'l be part of the competition.. u know where u must stick arb words or phrases into a normal conversation .. my fave is defenestration!

The chronicles of Dhania had me in stitches!

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched Pirates of the Caribbean-I don't watch junk:-) Pop culture is lost on me..

Anonymous said...

the NOS-talgia is is Bang Bang!
not ever been into pop culture but this sure is Classssyyyy

M Junaid said...

Emanci Peee - It was a semesterised module and it finished in June :)

Azra - what ever happened to that guy? I still maintain - his best role was in Riddick. It was cool when they shot him in Saving Private Ryan. Dont get me wrong - I like the guy - I just like the Rock more.

UJ - Defenestration? Whats that

Spijaali - Pirates one rocked! I watched it on my 21st Birthday. Pirates two was ok. Pirates three was kinda like a date movie thing sort off. But the movie sucked. I heard that pirates 4 is in the mix. Im a bit of a hypocrite - I'd go on about how much the last two sucked but i know that i'l be in the cinema on opening night watching it with Qdee and Joe.

Seher - Why thank you :D

Unknown said...

you re-establish your cool status by using a chomsky model.

you = savvy