Saturday, November 15, 2008

I cant think of a title

He placed his shoes on the rack
starting from the left.
All we noticed was his mohawk
He recited a small dua
and took some water in his hand
all we noticed was the bracelet on his wrist
He stood up before the iqama
Focused. Ready to submit
All we noticed was the ear ring in his left ear
He raised his hands. Supplicating
Asking for his Lords mercy
We raised our hands to hide our mouths
so we could shake our heads and vocalise our disapproval
The moment for dua passes us.
We scurry to our shoes
As if we are running from some affliction
We glance once more
at the boy reading his four sunnat
So we can pick away, outside.


Az said...

:) Nice to have you back :)

I can't understand people. When are they going to realise that it is not for us to judge? WHEN?

And each time they judge, they wipe away any good deeds they may have accumulated...Fucking morons.

Prixie said...

azra's on my train of thought

Nooj said...

I'd title this OverSight. In Parasputiny fashion

Anonymous said...

He's Alive '!!!

Edge Of Where said...

I had 2 piercings before on my ear and eyebrow and well the judgemental society we live in looked at me funny especially in the mosque... However with maturity now on my side i can see why they did it.

Anonymous said...

Nicely Put. It's the hair again isn't it. Bastards.

M Junaid said...

azra and prixie - yeah - its ahrd but we live in a very judgemental society - calling them fucking morons does sound a little harsh though - maybe im going soft. allahu alam

Nooj - I like that

Archtype - If I do ever die I expect waseem to tell everyone.

Edge of Where - Thats the thing - Even though I dislike people who judge - it seems to be part of a collective consciousness per se - thats why i kept saying we. because 'we' shrug off the individual blame whenever we are part fo the collective. Reminds me of Shaitaans whispers at the time of the prophet when the quraish decided to kill him.

SG - this isnt about me :D But yeah - the long hair gets to them sometime