Sunday, November 02, 2008

Concerning Anons

There is alot of hate right now on the blogs so I did a quick comic to take the piss out of me :).

I call this one 'Good for the Hit Count'.

adapted from cyanide and happiness

Please click on it to enlarge.


Feedback appreciated (according to my Comedy blog I only have thirty readers. Thats good enough for me :)

I'm going to be away from the blogs for a few days. Will be back though.


KiLLa said...

Well... On a lighter note.. I LOVE MJC.. They certify macdonalds..

I love the BLOGGER comments layout page.. Under this block.. There is that section. "CHOOSE AN IDENTITY"..

DEFINITION OF COWARD - Saying what you want behind the confines of a dynamic IP address..

M Junaid said...

I love mjc too. If you look at the first two panels you'l see that no one is quein UP TO watch that movie. Also- concerning mjc. I'v got a picture i need to e mail to you. Check your mail later.

TheCullinaryQueen said...

Dude! You too funny :-)
Don't stay away for tooo long now...

By the way, what do you think about Russel Peters?

M Junaid said...

Cullinary :)
I think he is funny but he is sorely lacking new material. I mean - he has been a comedian for almost two decades now. I did a fake news story on him if you keen to read it

(Shameless plug up ahead)