Sunday, October 12, 2008

Concerning Gurus

adapted from cyanide and happiness

Havent watched this one yet, but I just know its going to suck balls. Will probably catch it on Tuesday. Half Price.


I hope this pic gets bigger when you click on it, I could never figure out how blogger decides which pics to enlarge and which not to


KiLLa said...


Yes it did enlarge..
Loved the cartoon..

P.S - Mariska Hargatay Mariska Hargatay..

Loved that line.. lookout for it..

Az said...


Az said...


M Junaid said...

some moron asked me why im copying and pasting from the internet because she didnt realise that i have edited the content. thanks guys

killa - its of circuit, but i expect it on dvd within two months

azra :)