Friday, October 10, 2008

Concerning Cokelore (updated)

Three things that irritate me.

1) I got so mad the other day because someone I know gave his toddler a pack of play cigarettes as a gift. The child is the same age as my nephew and now thinks its so cool that he can smoke 'just like daddy'. Its one thing to have a filthy habit, but its another thing altogether to give your child a pack of play cigarettes. I think its irresponsible parenting and it makes me sick. These arent the sweets, but a real toy which has powder to represent smoke

2) I'm a month late with this but whats up with the Sunni Jamiatul Ulema starting Ramadan a day late? I'l be irritated the day I go to a musjid and theres a collection going around so that the community can send a trustee to go see the moon with his own eyes. Its ridiculous really. You guys are part of the The United Ulama Council of South Africa, so why divide the community on issues like this?

3) I stumbled across a facebook group last night called "The Thruth behind Mxits Logo" (Unedited spelling)

I mean really now, what the hell. The creator of the group is someone called Gulaab Jamoo and you know what my feelings are concerning anonymous people who start groups and stuff, and on the wall he keeps going on about how Mxit was created by an American Jew to enslave Muslims and all that crap.

First of all - it was created by a South African chap named Herman Heunis (originally from Namibia). The guy goes on about how much sin we are getting for using mxit while we are in the toilet because it contains the name of Allah. This stuff belongs on our fake news site . I'm reading some of the wall posts and I think to myself - are our youth that retarded?

This reminds me of the whole Coke is 'La Mecca La Muhammed' thing - Click here to read about it. Cutting this blog short as I need to make plans for tonight


So i'm sitting here at around quarter to six in the morning watching Smallville and I just realised something - Have a look at the logo for the CW channel (merger between UPN and WB - they broadcast Smallville, Supernatural, One Tree Hill etc) Have a look at their logo - What does that look like to you? It has an Aleef and everything!

See how ridiculous this all is? Is someone going to tell me that some crazy American Jew is behind this as well? Damn I'm proud of my find :) I should create a retarded facebook group

Love and Peace



Waseem said...

You know what got me pissed ... A fan page for our Prophet Salalahu alaihi wasalaam. I mean seriously do people think about things before they do them.

M Junaid said...

why does that piss you off son? i dont see anything wrong with it? i'l join it. I dont like the group invites for 'one million muslims on facebook' etc - its like every three days i get an invite for one.

Waseem said...

i dont know, i just think that we not his fans, it just seems kinda demeaning somehow to him. What next? Allah?

Aasia said...

MJ, to be completely honest. I spoke to a teacher the other day and his words to me was " Aasia we are raising a bunch of literate, illeterates, who can hardly read but are dumb as door nails"

That sort of explains it eh?

KiLLa said...

I've seen the worst...

XXXX has become a fan of the Almight Allah..

Like dude.. WTF..

Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

Johannesburg Water has a logo that looks like the arabic script for Allah too.
Holy water:)

Shafinaaz Hassim said...

lol @ holy water...

aah. the world so thirsts for spirituality in seeking it in crass media and even in brazen mockery. what else can be made of this...

im having a floaty weekend. hope alls good on the east coast :)

Anonymous said...

It doesn't make sense. If there is indeed Allah's name in company logos, like these retards claim, why is it 'evil'? I guess they got tired of looking for signs of Satanism in everything, and freemasonry/NWO, so now they're looking for this stuff...if i was a conspiracy theorist, I'd be afraid of Muslims coz they seem to crop up in everything :D they are taking over : CW, MXit, Coke - everything!

Tazeen said...

toy ciggies for a kid?

That's about as horrendous as it can get. What the world is coming to?