Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Concerning Blogging

Blogging is a past time much like any other. We go through phases where we think its the best thing ever, and bash our F5 key in every few minutes in the hope that someone has commented on our latest piece to tell us how awesome we are. We also go through phases where we feel vulnerable and naked when our posts are put up to scrutiny. We develop our little in jokes, as a nod to each other. Our little blogging community. Everyone kinda knows why I started blogging so I wont get into it here. But as I sit in front of my PC and reflect on all the experiences Ive had - I feel I need to articulate or frame my blog so that new readers know what guides me.

Firstly - I am vehemently against plagiarism. I dislike blogs which consist of unreferenced stuff that the blogger lifted from the net. I remember a chap who used to post stuff from the net, without any referencing, and when I left a comment on his posts taking a snide shot at his blatant deception he removed comments from his blog :) You lose your voice when you only copy and paste.

I will never post anonymously. I stand by everything I write.

I have a responsibility as a writer. A responsibility to try and verify what I read or hear before I post. Misinformation is horrible and with new media like the internet making it so simple to spread - I have to be responsible about what I type.

Being a Muslim blogger comes with its own complications because we live in an age where if a Muslim does something, then Islam goes on trial. I would love to be a role model that will influence non muslims to negotiate with their misunderstandings/prejudice/stereotypes. But i'm not. I try to be a good person but I'm flawed so I dont know what people take from my blog. I'm constantly questioning. Sure I might write pieces about Muslims and some of it will be negative - but I do wish it isnt taken out of context and that it isnt use to blanket condemn Islam.

Like most bloggers, I am slightly vain. Are there bloggers who arent? We all love reading our own stuff (discussed this with SingleGuy over Nandos last week)

This brings me to my next point - wonderful friendships have developed out of blogging, and I love the little blog meets that we have. It adds the human element to a virtual past time.

Finally - I hate anonymous comments. I even messed around with a Cyanide and Happiness cartoon (editing the face etc) to show how much I hate it.

I dont believe in censorship and I'l only remove a comment if it hurts a loved one.

Yeah - so thats me. Let me take this opportunity to welcome the new bloggers (guys who started this year)- Khadija, Aasia, Charmed, QK, Morena, Azra, WiP, Nooj, Neilfa, Lubna - welcome to our little community. (I know i'm prob leaving people out - please let me know so I can update this. I hate being excluded and I hate excluding people.

My guidelines are for me alone.


New idea for a T shirt - let me know what you think.




Anonymous said...

I totally love when ppl come and tell me how awesome I am :P

Nielfa Hanifa said...

I'd just like to say, that on a Mac it's Option+R not F5 :P

Thanks for the welcome!

Nafisa said...

Thanks for the welcome... although I must admit I started blogging in `06 on the 24 community and made lots of friends who I still see and keep in touch with. I've since deleted that blog - something about not having confidence :P

However, I'm more confident as a food blogger, which started this year.

Totally agree with anon comments - its such a spineless thing to do. I'm not afraid of saying what I think. If you like me, cool if not, thats cool too. Cant please everyone :P

Lol, like your t-shirt ideas. You and saaleha should start a business together.

KiLLa said...

@ Nielfa.. Mac sucks :P

Love the paint job.. The font did well..

Quick question - I have mixed responses with regards to this and would like to hear your view, or anyone else that feels the need to respond.. Are people judged based on what they blog. Bearing in mind you dont know this guy/chick from a bar of soap.

Can you for certain say that Mr X blogs about rape thus making him a real life RAPIST..

(im soo loving leaving a comment without word verification.. Another reason why this blog rocks)

Az said...

Thanx for the welcome. Now I remember why I want to be you when I grow up :) I've been blogging randomly since 2005/2006 on different sites...I've only started actively blogging this year.

Blogging for me is very therapeutic, I get to voice my concerns and sometimes act retarded and fight with my screen and keyboard and its acceptable :)
...but I'm both a voyeur and an exhibitionist too...and I wont deny it.

When I wasn't blogging, between 2005 to 2008, I was harrassing the guys at Nestle, SABC and MNET...Long story, will tell you soon...maybe blog about it too :)

PS. My Farcebook pic was taken in 2005 at a photoshoot in London for a company called Colorama...it was a part of their advertising campaign, all real, no photoshop :) But you'll notice I'm fairer in complexion - the sun doesnt exist in London :D

Zahera said...

When you coming to Joburg? Your little niece/nephew expects a visit :-D

Morena said...

Awww... every1 wants to be a part of something :P
Thanks... are you like the Ameer of this little blogging community here?

Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

My facebook pic is photoshopped - art-ifice:)

As much as we say 'we are not our blogs', most people will assume it.

This is vanity, all of it:)

Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

@Azra - yes, when the brown people first came to the UK, a lot of the kids developed rickets because their pigmentation didn't allow the meager amounts of Vitamin D to filter through.
I found that factoid fascinating when I first read it.

M Junaid said...

Ahmed - Hey Geeki :) were you th eguy in the che pic? Noob blogger? that is one of the reasons why we keep blogging - who doesnt like to hear it :)

Nielfa - pleasure :)

Nafisa - only your food blog counts :P I have the same attitude - im not here to please everyone. I'l try, but I cant.

Killa - I am comfortable with being judgd by what I blog - I feel this blog is a reflection of who I am. I can answer for others though.

I hate word verification - I never get it right on the first go and I feel dyslexic

Azra and Saaleha - I dig photoshopped pics on facebook - At least four of my profile pics have been edited with Microsoft Paint or AcDSee. I'm talking about the ones that are airbrushed etc

Zesty - I'l come up soon. I was there this Saturday

Morena - Me - Ameer. No way. We all contribute a little to the community. I still maintain that Saaleha is the Matriarch :)

back to you saals - I am my blog.

Az said...

I get some flack for being too "open" about my personal life on my blog...But honestly, I dont care.

My blog is 100% ME. I'm not trying to be anyone else ...I'm not trying to impress...NADA...thats who I am and thats how I roll.

I believe in being honest with yourself (& I'm NOT talking or referring to any of those that blog for specific purposes or under pseudomyns..thats their prerogative (sp?I'm shite with the spelling today)...I'm talking in general)...

I'm a pathetic liar. So I wont even try...My blog is me and thats I am in real life too ;P

Shafinaaz Hassim said...

my blog is kimya, and i am me :P

i first started blogging as kimya... and to some im known as that (friends like luq still call me kimya in the real world) and friend readers who know me as shafinaaz started getting tangled inbtwn the persona's//... until i decided, well... whats the big deal? But i cudnt lose kimya in all of that...my creative self named in memory of rumi's daughter...

id like to think of the three years of blogging as an experience of loggin some of my identity questioning and a revelation of some parts of that journey. YES VANITY, THOU ART REASON! And the wonderful sharing of searching and finding that words can be..

ditto the confuzzlement re anon comments. i dnt see reason to hide, accept if ur just lazy to sign into blogger... but then theres always the option of identifying somehow...
joe soaps and jon does are just so fleeting and frayed in intent.

Khadija said...

awww I get mentioned first :P

Blogging, an exercise in self-aggrandisement.

Aasia said...

*Bows to MJ*
Thank yee kindly. I believe my blog is me...warts and all

Aasia said...

*Bows to MJ*
Thank yee kindly. I believe my blog is me...warts and all

Anonymous said...

heya... i started blogging for two reasons, 1) writing a doctoral thesis for 3 years, had fried my brain somewhat, and I needed to get into a chilled out zone and 2) i discovered some really cool online (and real life) friends...who swear by blogging... and junaid, thanks for the welcome... yeah....this space is really a great way of engaging with likeminded folk

Anonymous said...

Why did I start blogging? I think it was an equal dose of boredom and wanting someone to hear my voice and my thoughts without actually having to say it out loud.

And to meet chicks. And MJ. Mostly chicks though. (Sorry MJ)

Anonymous said...

I have read yours, saleeha's, azra's n killa blogs and i must say I sometimes leave anonymous comments.

Now that I know it bugs you I should probibly continue .. but maybe not.

KiLLa said...

@ Aads. I dont mind. As long as you do not slate the other commentators.

Feedback from anyone is good. Regardless of their identity.

M Junaid said...

hi folks :D

Aads - i dont mind either. I just dont like anonymous comments on the posts where I write aboutmy love life.

SG - you made me smile ;)

Shafi - I call you Kimya.

Anonymous said...

after blogging for a while a yr ago, i come back for a quick visit, and just realise how pathetic this all is. sorry for the judgement! but it just is. u need to draw the line on blogging cool stuff, and getting a life. seriously. soap operas are not cool.

M Junaid said...

dude - I dont give a fuck what you think about me.

Whats soap opera ish about it anyway?

Do you want me to post up the dictionary meaning of what a blog is?

I do agree with you on one point though - I do need to get a life :)