Saturday, August 09, 2008

Why So Serious?

The reason why I am a writer and not a graphic designer (Microsoft Paint you sexy app)
My blog seems very serious as of late, which is weird as i'm generally not that serious at all. So lets rectify this. As many of you probably know by now - I love watching movies and if you want to find me on a Friday night I'l be at Gateway with the Great One watching whichever premiere is out that day. The Dark Knight is my favourite movie of the year and while I do plan on doing a blog on it soon (after a few more people watch it so that I dont have to worry about spoilers) I want to see how it does compared to the other stuff Ive watched in the past three years. Ive compiled a list of my top ten since 2005. Waseem usually criticises my Judging Criteria - for me, the event is also important as good company will inevitably make any movie so much better , so Ive tried to remove that aspect from this list. For me, a good movie is one that has charm - I place more prominence on this than on screenplay, actors, cinematography, narrative etc. Ive watched over two hundred movies (movies released in 2005 onwards) and these titles stand out
10. Salaam Namaste
I loved Saif and Preity in Kal Ho Na Ho and that love was carried over into this charming movie. Not to mention the fact that My Dil Goes mmm was my Holiday song for December 2005
9. Vantage Point
This is a bit of a dark horse but I still remember being totally blown away by it a few months ago. I did a lecture on ideology a week before (different ways of interpreting a single event) so it was great to see Hollywood do something similar
8. Superbad
Funny Shit
7. Jackass 2
Pure entertainment from start to end. Way funnier than Borat
6. Casino Royale
I was very sceptical about Craig playing the role, because he is kinda ugly but dam did that movie sell me. I did a blog on it a few years ago. Heres the link
5. Juno
One of those feel good movies that just leave you coming out of the cinema feeling happy
4. Stardust
This was my 'birthday movie' and had more charm than a bus full of hookers (Ok, so that analogy doesnt make sense but I cant seem to get the image of hookers in red lipstick and fishnet stockings riding in a Yellow school bus out of my head)
3. The Dark Knight
I would not classify this as a Super hero movie because somehow I think that cheapens it somewhat. All I can say is that it raised the bar so high that I doubt any movie in the near future could dethrown it
2. 40 Year Old Virgin
A good indication of a great movie is its impact on popular culture. You know how I know youre gay? Because you like 300 more than this movie. I watch this movie every five months or so, and its still really great.
1. The Departed
This movie was Don!
(Before you ask - I dont rate Borat or 300 that highly. Clerks 2 came in at number 11. Narnia 2 also got the cut sadly)
This is a spur of the moment blog so I might revisit it later if I remember a movie I loved (or if i find something in my archives)


Waseem said...

You took my criticism and made an MJ-ism out of it, thats why you the Don.

Dont you think its funny when you dont blog everyone is like Blog MJ, i hate you for not blogging, i swear if you dont blog im gonna kill myself, but when you do they dont comment or show any kind of interest.

Got a good idea, will tell you about it later

Shafinaaz Hassim said...

im gna put up placcards all over the place if u dont blog. im gna start a whole revolution! the rolling stones type of revolution. or rather thats wat i'll call it. has a ring to it :P

blogging is like wearing a seatbelt while driving at top speed. write wat u like. but write. the fans depend on it. lack of sleep makes me delirious. i make soooooo much sense, dont i.


Khadija said...

Microsoft Paint is seriously undermined :p

Waseem said...

Your list is shit

KiLLa said...

The departed.. No ways.. It was good but not great.. I dunno.. Clerks 2 was awesome.. So was part 1..

Everyone also rant and raved about Juno..I dunno.. It didnt do it for me..

The Dark KNight however was genius.. The way the story of 2Face was brought upon was class.. As for the Joker and his role.. Many praises have been mentioned thereof..

Bollywood side.. Salam Namaste was good and i kinda enjoyed Kareena's performance in Jab We Met..

Im still a Lord Of The Rings fan and rate the trilogy as one the best eva.. Along with the Godfather trilogy..

As for Waseem's comment about ppl not commenting.. I found one reason.. That effen Google Reader.. People just read the post.. And thats it..


M Junaid said...

Waseem - your ma

Concerning comments - Yeah - It boggles the mind. I dont usually write for comments, but I do love them as i get to engage with my friends and discuss my concerns.

What can i say - I'm a DON!

Kimya - youre taking my stone metaphor too far :P

Khadilac - I only use paint because im too dumb to figure out photoshop :) But I think I did a decent job jokerfying myself

Killa - LOTR Two towers is my favourite movie of all time - but this list was only for 2005 to 2008. did you catch the extended editions of the movies? those are just amazing! I made ziyarat to some of the sets of the movies :).

I'm amazed the 300 fanboys havent attacked yet

Anonymous said...

You forgot Love in The Time of Cholera.
Its nouveau and the book is better, but the movie is still WOW.