Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Concerning Plagiarism

First of all, I want to start of by saying I hate Leona Lewis's song - Bleeding Love. I cant stand it, never did and I doubt I ever will. And I know that I'm not alone! Im sure there are other bloggers who feel the same.
The second thing I want to touch on is plagiarism. I got a forwarded e-mail yesterday with the Uncle Iqbal jokes that a few of my readers and I thought off a few weeks ago. I came up with the concept of Uncle Iqbal after researching the whole Vernon Koekemoer phenomenom. This isnt the first time something off mine has been used without credit. My designs in first year (even though they were crude and conceptual at best were used as the foundation of a departments entire logo) I have no problem with people forwarding my stuff or using it in their MSA magazines (overseas - an MSA reprinted a watered down version of my Lord of the Rings piece) or whatever. I dont want any type of remuneration for it. Just acknowledgment. I am flattered that some people think my work is worth distributing. I truly am.
I do have a very specific 'Creative commons' licence on all my writing on this domain. A licence I applied for some time ago. It is a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works which basically means you can reproduce it for non commercial purposes as long as you reference me (preferably by website) and that you do not change the original words. There isnt much we can do, and I should be thrilled that my stuff is making the rounds but it does feel wrong and I dont like it. So how do we stop this - well, theres only one thing we can do I guess - if you get the forwarded e-mails and if you want to forward it just add my name or website to the e-mail before you send it off.
This leads me to the issue of online/virtual persona's. The proliferation of personal information on the internet is rather scary. Just last week I saw a Youtube video with me in it. Yesterday I find out that someone has created a Linked (or whatever the fuck it is) account for me. We all remember the ass-hole who created the clone concerning mj blog last year. Yeah - so I google myself from time to time. We have no control over anything in the digital realm, so in that sense I understand why friends would want to keep a veneer of anonymity. At least once I have also hoped that I could post on my blog anonymously. There are some things in my heart that I will not divulge on a public platform like a blog. But at the same time I always want to maintain a level of transparency as I truly believe the MJ you see in my blog and is the same MJ in person.
On a final note - I want to distribute biscuits soon. Does anyone know of any companies I can approach or of any individuals willing to sponsor? I am going to write to Bakers tomorrow but any help will be greatly appreciated. I guess thats how you can give back in some way - If my writing entertains you or makes you think or whatever - perhaps think of giving a little towards the feeding initiative. Fifty rand will buy 70 Oranges. That way everyone wins.
I love Jashn Bahaara from Jodha Akbar
(I'm balancing - one song I hate with one song I love)
Love and Peace
I am Nostradamus! Check out the tag on the Concerning Iqbal piece. I had a feeling people will swipe my idea without acknoledgement.


Anonymous said...

hmm i didnt hear of any iqbal jokes doing the rounds but will keep an eye out . you know if anything this proves that there is a great demand for muslim humour perhaps its a sign you should blog it more or add to your existing projects. you can even put it out to the public and let us all have a go...

M Junaid said...

thanks mate
i do have a blog dedicated to all my muslim humour - its called halaalmj.blogspot.com

with regards to " you can even put it out to the public and let us all have a go..."

Thats why I allow anyone to comment on my blogs - anons and bloggers.

This is also why I wanted to know how people hear about my blog - the stuff I wrote on Heroes appears on other websites on the net (but they do credit me)

Nooj said...

hamzah moin is the man!~ he allowed me to use his stuff for the camp lit pack

M Junaid said...

Cool stuff :)
if you need a hand with facilitating the session i dont mind helping Nazjam. let me know.

Oh - Im the Man!
(ask my nieces and nephews)

Aasia said...

I love your Uncle Iqbal stuff, and have forwarded a link to your blog to many people.

Most of my people don't even know about blogging. But just like OH's Blog, I always refer to the 2 of you. And my friends post replies.

As a comedian I know plagiarism sucks, and have had my material stolen before. And when people steal shit, that pisses me off!

Work in Progress said...

I hate Leona Lewis too. Will people please stop playing that song?

Anonymous said...

dude... im sorry if i offended you by not giving you credit when i copied your content and distributed it.

Forgive me as i am Indian and have NEVER paid for a CD in my life...

thats just the cruel world we living in... no one really wants to know who really wrote it...
there isnt time for that shit these days...
We all love funny pics, scenic pics, etc...
How come the photographer never gets a mention???????


M Junaid said...

thanks aasia - i cant wait to hear your material. I tried my hand at stand up comedy but i sucked - im blaming the audience :P

WIP - I also hate Amy Whinehouse!

anon - Dude, I forgive you if you tellme where you hid that horcrux