Friday, July 04, 2008

Concerning KOTP (3)

Can there ever be KOTP overkill? Ive pondered this before and I came to the conclusion that I don't care. What you are about to see is a highly subjective piece of footage, manipulated to make the long haired victim appear despotic, cruel and perhaps the yardstick or embodiment of Schadenfreude. But since we are having a 'take the piss out of MJ' week. I'l post it up.
Courtesy of Haamish 'im too hot for the cameras' Harvester. Here is a little piece called - The Revolt of the True King.
Please take some time to flood his blog with requests for an OH and Waseem video.

Hairy little Leprechaun does have skill with a Video Edit Suite - I'l give him that much.

Think i'l catch Hancock tonight.

Hmm - I also need to do my conference post. Tonight Insha Allah


Make Laddoo Not War

(Laddoo is such an ugly word)


SingleGuy said...

OH: Come on dude. I agree with MJ, this is getting old now. And from what I gather, you guys didn't even eat that much. Plus it seems that that new job is not keeping the Hamster on the treadmill long enough, he still has way too much time on his hands...

M Junaid said...

SG - you missed my second sentence completely - I said i dont care boet.

I enjoy our KOTP indulges. Its a shared moment that shows the triumph of friendship over all. and a reminder that while we still blog and have these virtual personas, behind them we are all friends. and we are all just looking for a good time.

Keep it up you hairy little hamster.

The video is awesome

Unknown said...

hey single guy, arent you a tad young to be pulling the sad old man routine. i'm glad you still take time to read our blogs and consider how much time we work, but in the words of bricktop, you can fuck off with that attitude. it's like me coming over to you and telling you, hey dont you think you should find someone your own age and height and settle down? or cant you cope with your high speed hamster wheel and another person in your life? it's called management strategies. read up. do you some good. now enough brow beating, finger wagging. go and try have some kids of your own to play daddy with.

M Junaid said...

"Courtesy of Haamish 'im too hot for the cameras"

I have been forced to eat my words. Kudos son, Kudos