Thursday, July 03, 2008

Concerning Interpretation

I did a quick Cyanide and MJ comic this afternoon. Was just about to post it when I got an e-mail from a friend taking me up on the Motivator challenge.

Boss Lady (aka Nafisa)

Shes right - I look retarded in that pic - but I love it! (its my current fb profile pic) Hope it'l chase the random invites away. Heres to laughing at ourselves. Ive seen e-mails today of other bloggers who have taken the Motivator thing and have run with it so to say - Some good ideas.

Before I forget - heres the latest Cyanide and MJ

adapted from cyanide and happiness



Nafisa said...
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Nafisa said...

MJ, not many people would find this hilarious if it were them in this pic. I would think twice about putting something like this on my blog
*takes off hat*

Parasputin said...
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Anonymous said...

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M Junaid said...

you guys are crazy

Aasia said...

Big ups MJ. I love it!

Work in Progress said...

LOL that's cool. Btw you're welcome to use my not so profound mediaish quote.

Unknown said...

if i ever direct a movie about a media lecturer who goes a little wonky, shaves his hair into a mohawk, gets a few guns to deal with the city's crime, i'm casting you in the lead. we'll call it media lecturer and you can do the whole you talking to me scene.

M Junaid said...

thanks aasia

wip - i'l add it to my facebook quotes :)

OH - i'd love to. I am doing a cameo role in a movie later this year - havent decided what role to play yet :)