Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Concerning Yo Momma! (The Sequel)

I had a lot of fun a few months ago coming up with some Muslim Yo Momma Jokes so today I'm thinking - let me try something a bit different and have some new media Yo Momma jokes (what can I say - I love media studies) I haven't given this much thought - the idea just came to me so I'll add a few for now and think about it when I get home from supper tonight.
  • Yo Momma so fat, her Facebook profile pic takes a minute to load
  • Yo Momma so fat, her mouse is a Capyburra
  • Yo Momma so unpopular that when she logs onto mxit, The Info Bot puts up the 'Away' status
  • Yo Momma so ugly people keep sending her pic to
  • Yo Momma so dumb she thought ADSL was a sexually transmitted disease
  • Yo Momma so ugly, the MIRC group Islam had to open a new channel for her called Isyuck
  • Yo Momma so slutty that all her URLS automatically end with .org
  • Yo Momma so fat I crashed the Internet when I searched for her in Google Images
  • Yo Momma so dumb she thought Gtalk was how 50 Cent communicated with Eminem

I'm such a Media Geek :)

As always - you are welcome to come up with your own as long as you know that all this is just for fun and I'm not picking on anyones mum. The only condition is that it has to be New Media related.

Love and Peace



Waseem said...

Yo momma so fat she fills an entire multimx chat

Yo mommas profile pic is so ugly even the Turkish guys dont poke her

Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

Yo momma's so skanky, Twitter asks her, "Who are you doing?"

Parasputin said...

Yo momma's so ugly, they started a new social network called

Nafisa said...

LOL, excellent stuff MJ!

M Junaid said...

aww :D
you guys make me smile!
I can always count on your'll to indulge my eccentric posts.

Yo momma so dumb she didnt buy a PS3 because she heard that a Blu Ray killed Steve Erwin

Parasputin said...

yo momma's hair so big they use her for landmarks on aerial photos

M Junaid said...

yo momma so fat she dont have a mini feed

M Junaid said...

Yo Momma so fat shes Cell C for everyone

Anonymous said...

Yo Momma's pubic hair is so long, they thinking of using it to extend Telkoms international network.


Parasputin said...

yo momma's such a dirty slag, everytime you poke her she moans.

Nooj said...

aw can't we keep the gross factor to a minimum?

this is more difficlut than the muslim one.

yo momma's so insulting when she posts a comment on Mj's blog it doesn't say "choose an id", it immediately makes her anon

ummi means my mum, so by saying yo ummi, you're actually insulting urself too. correct term is ummuk

M Junaid said...

is this Sirius Blacks dyslexic brother?

I agree with Nooj - lets keep it clean guys. Thanks for the correction Nooj, but since its a reminder of my own ignorance im not going to change it (hopefully this will be the motivation i need to start learning Arabic) But thanks anon and Paras for the comments

yo momma so fat they had to discontinue google earth because she was appearing in every picture

Waseem said...

yo momma so dumb they sent the monkey to space cos he was more qualified

Parasputin said...

yo momma's so dumb, she thinks Telkom is the department of semenalysis.

Parasputin said... Urgh...!! brain.. hurting.

Nope, can't do it.

bollocks shit and arse.

KiLLa said...

Yo momma is so fat.. Her belt is called Broadband..