Monday, June 02, 2008

Concerning Spaghetti

The Electrifying, The Great and The Concerned - Mesmerised by the power of Apple.

I think we as bloggers are a very close-knit community (The S.A muslim bloggers at least) and there are some that stand out like constellations. Saaleha is one of them. She is one of those bloggers that leave their mark on you. You know the type i'm talking about - they have a unique way of writing, and you can tell that they have passion for this lore. Remember the old song - Video killed the radio star? Well, in a sense facebook killed the blogging star in that blogging lost its novelty value for some. As such, they stopped blogging altogether (Others got married but I guess we'l forgive them:P).

I had the pleasure of meeting Saaleha on Saturday. It was mostly just Saaleha, The Great One and MJ but it was tremendous fun. Luckily, you dont need numbers to have a good time. We popped into the Apple store to buy something for her hubby and we fooled around with the Mac and got a whole lot of hilarious pics. Good memories. Good Times.

Yesterdays Muslim fair was alot of fun. I accidentally kicked a ball into a guys face while I was on stage, but apart from that it was awesome. I got to buy some red Chinese Peaches. I remember Gunston 2006, I gave this really pretty chick some peaches, and she gave me this weird look, like 'What the hell man'. I guess pretty girls expect roses or something.

Finally, I want to get into the T Shirt Business. Ive designed a few t-shirts already (with Haseena helping out with the hardcore graphic design - I wish I knew how to use photoshop - The graphic design guys always get more attention that the copywriters it seems) And I have a new supplier who will take care of printing. What I wanna know is - do you think there will be a market for it? Ive done some Muslim Inspired Tees, so i'm thinking of selling them at a fair or something. Also did a few controversial ones. Like my SANHA T Shirt - Its got the SANHA logo on it, but instead of halaal in arabic its Haraam and instead of South African Halaal Authority, it says 'Selling and Negotiating Halaal Accreditation'. I know that someone has already changed Sanha to Satan or something like that, but I really want my t shirts to have some sort of social commentary. Kind of like the laugh out loud tops.

Also did a Gandhi T shirt that i think folks might like, as well as some Tops for campus students. I'm thinking of selling them at Fifty Rand each. Not a career change or anything - Just something I want to try. At the very least, I'l have extra tops to sleep in so its all good.


Dont forget - fill your days with random acts of kindness. Dont expect anything back. The reward is there. Its always there.


Unknown said...

the oh cut his teeth in marketing doing laugh it off tshirts. the OH offers his services.

Shafinaaz Hassim said...


Nafisa said...

awesome pic :)

Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

I'm going to blog some of the other mad ones. Brill time guys, thanks:)

Sofi said...

MJ, I thought you don’t "do married woman".. (no offence Sals: 'do' is completely platonic in this context; it was only used for literal quoting purposes...)

Anonymous said...

Finally got to meet the famous MjK. You did a superb job at the fair. Waahid were bril. My mother really likes you. You helped her carry the frame. I can't believe you don't remember my name!

ha! I'l just keep you guessing.

Waseem said...

What about that knob movie you made me watch? We had a great time. Later, playing gta now.

Ps Titti

Anonymous said...

You are also one of the bloggers who leave their mark on people.

Muhammad said...

T-shirts! dude.. when you come this thursday I got designs... Shit, I can't remember why I didnt get back into it.. I used to do this in Varsity :P

anyway, cool picture :P Around Indiana Jones I told you this already but I liked the movie.. just the ending didn't make sense. but in a sense, it was a bridging movie for upcoming Indy movies...


Aasia said...

Im definitely interested MJ. lemme know when you have some. I will buy in 4's :)

Shafinaaz Hassim said...

"Dont forget - fill your days with random acts of kindness. Dont expect anything back. The reward is there. Its always there."

i Love this! Resonates deeply!

bb_aisha said...

another fair-what fair? i remember u mentioning this t-shirt thing with masood ages ago-glad it's taking off.
i wanted to design funky abayas & 'modest' clothing which have a message. i'm so lazy it's a sin

us jhb bloggers met once & never again. we should have a grand meet up-introduce zahera to everybody & meet the spouses

M Junaid said...

OH > many thanks - we shall discuss at length on Gtalk

Kimya - No sighing. Glad you like my motto. I live by that.

Nafs - thanks. Its the comic book effect

SBM - it was our pleasure lad.

sofisaurus rex - :P

anon - I didnt know that was your mum. I regret auctioning those frames now - I should have bought a few for myself. did you know that we raised over three grand for charity :)

Waseem titty Dawood - I liked it ok! Crocodiles rule

Anon 2 - Thank you :)

Mak you talented Mofo - will be sure to consult with you - I need you to design a Concerned helper logo for me. will visit you and the wife next week

Aasia - thansk dude :) will put up some designs on my blog

BB - its called the Islamic winter Fair and is hosted by Al Kauthar events - me thinks it might flop. I might come up to Jhb soon - we can all have pasta. The whole lot of us.