Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Concerning Cookies

One of my pet peeves is when we are told by Ulema that we cannot do something merely because it is 'Tashabbuh bil kuffar' (imitating the West) This is a blog on its own so I wont go into details here, suffice to say - No one told me it is wrong to imitate the East, so with that in mind - Lets take Fortune cookies and make them 'halal'. I think If I had a fortune cookie company, my cookies will look something like this

Firstly, The prophecy is always right, and secondly - you can apply it to any question. I originally had Arabic but I feel the transliteration gives it a wider appeal. Did I mention that my cookies will not be Sanha approved. That'l eat into my profits son. On a more serious note, Fortune Cookies with hadith does seem like a good idea - none of the hardcore stuff like anything from Sahih Bukhari book 82 about chopping off hands (Take it in context). Stuff anyone can apply immediately, like 'Even a smile is Charity'.

Or maybe we can go a little extreme - Instead of calling it Fortune Cookies we can call it Fatwa cookies. Ive come across websites that have a widget and when you click it you get a random Fatwa. Who knows - it might benefit someone.



Anonymous said...

That fatwa cookie idea is awesome -sounds like somethin aljazeera/cnn might do an insert on....And you absolutly right,ppl all ways going on about "westernisation" but we should Islamisize western things.

Zahera said...

loooolll love it! Its an excellent idea EMMY! Quick, do something about it before one of your anon commenters teef the idea! :-)
Hope you are well and indeed you are blessed; and so are those who are blessed with you as a friend. Cue: Aaawwww :-D

Waseem said...

I had a brainwave ... Islamic 8 ball. The only response it will give you is Allahu Alam. E.g. Should I marry So-and-So? Allahu Alam

bb_aisha said...

you are a genius at times. i'm echoing the others-it's an awesome idea. do something about it soon. sell he idea to all halaal restaurants. Subhanallah-what easy access to knowledge. Imagine all the reward you'll get.

Allahu aalam is my favourite saying

Anonymous said...

What happens if someone chokes on them? ;)

M Junaid said...

Thanks anon and zesty - I want to do it for my wedding. Think it'l be a great reminder. Perhaps give the guests two - one for eating immediately and the other for remembrance

Waseem - Brilliant :D I can picture it already

BB - I picked it up from you in 2006 - Allahu Alam bit

Lady - Guess we'l have to call those ones 'Taqdeer cookies' hey :P

Az said...

LOL...can I book some cookies for my wedding too? Although..I have to find a groom first :)

4tune8 said...

Halaal certified fortune cookies - www.fortunecookiefactory.co.za