Sunday, June 22, 2008

Concerning Blue Scarves

I really like this post by Waseem , and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie (I prefer it to the first Narnia) I'm a little keen about the media (just a little), and what has always fascinated me is how we engage with a text. There is the intended message (preferred meaning) but since we all bring our own experiences into the equation, our interpretations are unique. There might be similar experiences (which is what the industry aims for anyway) but no two people have the same exact experience. Consider this piece to be both a homage to the Great One as well as an example of how even though the text (In media terms, any piece of data is called a text and this includes but is not limited to movies, games, newspaper articles, radio broadcasts etc) is the same, the interpretation is different.

Caspian (looking to his left)- Lets get this revolt over with quickly - Bakri Eid is coming up and I feel it'll get awkward

Caspian - Come on Lads - its not too late to cash in on the LOTR craze - Fellowship pose everyone. Perfect everyone, perfect. Peter and Edmund - Stop looking like two Griffindor rejects and stand properly. Suzie, you're on Legolas duty so stand next to the dwarf. Perfect - Now all we need are some warrior trees and we're good to go.

King Miraz - what you think of the resistance Saddam?

Saddam Hussein - I don't know why but that Centaur is giving me a bulge

King Miraz - This feels familiar. Captain, keep an eye out for Ghosts and Giant Elephants

Eighty Kilos...of Body.... Armour... cant lift arm... higher...

King Miraz (out of breath) Whoooh. I cant take it anymore - Take all this shit off me, what do I look like to you huh? Iron Man?

Caspian - Avert ye Eyes you Perv. Stop staring at my Hilt

(MJ's side note - this pic is just so so wrong!)

Doctor Cornelius - You know, I could have been the next Dumbledore, but instead I get caught in this silly parody!



Waseem said...

I love my blue scarf :)

Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

you and waseem shall one day rule a universe. maybe not this one, but a little one somewhere, of some significance.

Anonymous said...

wow... now this makes me cheater cock :O:O
damn damn! not good!