Friday, May 09, 2008

Concerning Super Heroes 2

So Last week I did my seven worst super hero movies of all time. Its much harder to do a seven best super hero list, and undoubtedly most of you guys will disagree with some of my choices (especially you, you and most importantly you) Its human nature to remember things you hate more than things you love I guess. Because sometimes we take things that we love for granted. I'm referring to Coke here. OK here goes

7. Spiderman 3 - Was I the only one who liked emo Parker? I found this movie to be really good. Two villains, two good guys, two love interests.. and the look on Mary Janes face when Spidey slips Gwen the tongue. I love it. I did not like Spiderman 2 for the simple reason that they spoilt the entire movie in the five minute trailer.

6. Superman - The original , not the shitty Bryan Singer version. Christopher Reeve was an awesome Superman. This movie rocked. Even the theme was good, and I listen to it on my cellphone occasionally

5. Fantastic Four - for me the original had everything that you would expect in a super hero movie. Interesting characters, good special effects and a dash of comedy so that it does not take itself too seriously. The sequel sucked.

4. V for Vendetta - For me, the hook in this movie was its implicit dealing with Islam - let me highlight two points - firstly, Muslims were blamed for the attack (turns out it was government using fear to establish a totalitarian theological regime) and secondly - and everyone remembers this bit - when the guy shows Evey the Quran. I consider myself to embody aspects of anarchism, so I enjoyed those bits as well

3. Blade 2 - Blade is an adaptation of a Marvel comic so he makes the list. The first movie was good but had three fight scenes (club, archive and climax) The sequel however builds on the first movie and adds reapers (typing this from memory so I might be wrong). Blade 3 wasnt that good - too much comedy for my liking and they made a Hunter a puss.

2. Spiderman - I loved the original Spiderman. Great casting (apart from Mary Jane - i hate Kirsten Dunst) and it had Randy Macho man Savage in it.

1. X 2 - My favourite super hero movie of all time. The only other movie that had a better opening than X men 2 was the Simpsons movie. X 2 had everything one could ask for in an Xmen movie. Brotherhood and X men working together to rescue Xavier, Cool enemies like lady Deathstrike and a story line that didn't make it feel like it was 'Logan and the boys'.

Honorable mentions that didn't make the cut - Daredevil, Superman 2 and Iron Man



Anonymous said...

batman begins should be here!
Also spawn. And x men 3.

Unknown said...

batman yeah.

Spawn was donkey tail
X-men 2 was so wooden