Monday, May 05, 2008

Concerning Stan Lee

My thoughts on Iron Man.

A bit of background history - before watching the movie I knew zilch about the Iron Man mythology. Had no idea that the guys name is Tony Stark or even why he built the suit in the first place - I just assumed he wanted to win the science fair or something. All I knew was that he was Red and Gold, and resembled a Birmingham City soccer kit from the seventies ( I looked that up - I know shit about soccer pre 2005)

Everytime I watch a Marvel Superhero movie, the first thing I look for is the Stan Lee cameo. Stan Lee is the creator of most of the big franchises (Spiderman, X Men, Fantastic Four etc) and has a cameo in most movies. Heres some of the movies he appeared in

  • In Xmen he was a hotdog cart vendor (he likes this role I think)

  • Spiderman 1 and 2 he was saving people from broken buildings and stuff (not web slinging like spidey, more like grabbing them and pushing them away from a falling piece of concrete

  • I cant remember if he was in Hulk, and i'l never watch that movie again to verify

  • In Spidey 3 he gives Peter some introspective advice and motivation which could be loosely translated as 'You should tap that Blonde chick'

  • In the first Fantastic four movie he is the bellhop or porter or something

  • In Daredevil young Ben Affleck (Matt Murdock I think) stops him from getting knocked

  • My favourite Stan Lee cameo is from the second Fantastic Four movie when he attends the wedding, but finds out that he isnt on the list. He then tells the bouncer, 'but i'm Stan Lee'. Hilarious

Iron Man does not disappoint as I get a Stan Lee cameo about twenty minutes into the movie (Tony Stark mistakes him for Hugh Hefner) Hang on, I havent said anything the movie.

I liked it.

Its no X Men 2, but I liked it. I think the casting of Robert Downey Jnr was amazing. The guy took the role and gave it a sense of maturity that Christian Bale could only wish he could portray with his Batman. Speaking of batman, Iron Man and Batman share the same backstory - Rich boys with no superpowers but fancy gadgets. Batman is Iron Man with less chance of rust. But Iron Man can fly which is much cooler than any gay gadget Bruce can whip out from his utility belt.

This is the first Marvel movie to use Muslims as antagonists (correct me if i'm wrong) I did some research on Iron Man earlier tonight, and found out that many liberties were taken with regards to the retcon, replacing the communist Chinese bad guy with a Taliban fighter, and replacing the conflict from Vietnam to Afghanistan. It does provide a modern feel to the movie, and does reflect conflict zones. I'm going to explore this further soon. Does the media reflect society or influences it. hmmm. Not very simple.



Hamza Fareed said...

He was in Hulk can't remember where, even the guy who was painted green to look like hulk back in the day.

Iron man well they got a rich, playboy, recovering alcoholic(or maybe still is) to play a rich, playboy, alcoholic...He spent years training for the role.

KiLLa said...

Iron man was good.. RD Jnr is someone i enjoyed from his coke sniffing days doing Ally Macbeal.. He did the role justice i feel..

Apparently the HULK remake is gonna be kinda decent.. So i heard..

Im not a fan for comic hero movies and actually dissed them in a post some time ago..

But it sure is a great way to pass 2 hours on a Sunday..


Nafisa said...

I'm not a huge fan of RD Jr - those mug shots are permanently etched in my mind. I havent watched the movie yet but he doesnt come across as a superhero.
Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 94% - should say something.
Will see it this weekend.

Also found Stan Lee's appearence in FF2 hilarious. (I think Jessica Alba looks weird as a blonde).

Shiraz said...

chelseas ma! Ironman was pretty cool... And i think maybe watchin it a second time around we might appreciate it more.

Anonymous said...

after i heard that muslims are the bad guys it put me off. i hope this doesnt set a precedent....

Nafisa said...

"after i heard that muslims are the bad guys it put me off." - that kind of thinking is off-putting on its own.

Anonymous said...

I hear the balie who used to run the Butchers in the Plaza pretends to be a good guy. Doesnt put me off meat though.

Anonymous said...

charmed and other anon go fuck yourselves. i was just expressing my opinion i never asked you to not watch it! THE NERVE SOME PEOPLE HAVE!!!

Anonymous said...

Slaves formed the backbone of the sugar and tobacco industry, hasnt put me of sweets though. Though I did recently quit smoking for good reason.

Women were given the vote, but I still like women.

Indian actresses wear less clothes in movies, doesnt mean I will watch that shyte,

Nelson Mandela was a prisoner, doesnt mean he is a criminal,

You can shout at your waiter, doesnt mean he wont nut one off in your soup,

Man I could go on and on.


Anonymous said...

second anon thank you for those pointless details about your life. im not goin to argue with some one who cant use logic or even follow simple reason

Anonymous said...

you forgot someone who is so spineless as to remain anonymous. Come on I cant teach you everything here. Can I call you first anon. I want to be third anon. I like odd numbers.

Anonymous said...

Is there a scientology rally near hear?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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