Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Concerning Beatboxing

Following the discussion that we had concerning music in Islam, I started thinking about it a bit more, and I spent some time going through all the e-mails and links that were so graciously forwarded to me by concerned readers. I still maintain my position but heres something that I just thought about - what about Beatboxing (vocal percussion)? Isnt that just an imitation and in essence a loop-hole (similar to the Israelites Loop-hole regarding fishing on the sabbath? I'l elaborate on this story if anyone likes)
Also - how do you define a musical instrument? Is it one that is made for the sole purpose of creating music? In that case, If I bang on my mothers pots and pans, is that allowed?
Something to reflect over. I'm not giving any rulings as I am not a Mufti.
Just wanted to throw it out there


Anonymous said...

Please elaborate on the sabbath thing. Also interestingly i hear that it is forbidden for jews to use music during their religious ceremonies and so disliked esp by the orthodox. Also dont christians believe that Lucife was the angel of music before becoming satan. As for muslims as you say their is doubt but i remember being told that the Prophet (saw) said that music breeds hypocrisy.

Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

A question borne out of observation:
If music is really an evil that is prohibited, why is there no clear verse in the Quran that condemns it?

We do have verses that make reference to "idle talks" with explanations in parentheses that this includes music. These bracketed bits of information, as we all know, do not constitute the Word of Allah, but the explanatory bits of the translator.
The Quran is pellucid over its prohibition of usury, gambling and intoxicants (no brackets required), therefore we don't have such vociferous debates over those things. The haraam status is pretty much clear cut.
Why isn't music then afforded the same?

Thoughts anyone?

Anonymous said...

If the duff is considered the ONLY permissble intsrament cant we deduce that all the others are NOT PERMISSIBLE.

Anonymous said...

MUSIC IS NOT HARAAM. I agree. Prophet Muhammed SAW was sent as a guidance for mankind. His words are Truth! There is no doubt in them. He said, Music sows the seeds of hypocrisy. This meant that it will ultimately have a negative outcome to our hearts. Truth is, the love of music is what ultimately took my brother out of the fold of islam! I would like all bloggers to comment on what do they think and how can they help. Shukran. Fatima

Anonymous said...

Mj. I would like a response to the above comment. Thanxz.

M Junaid said...

Thanks for all the comments - I promise I will respond to each one as soon as possible (tonight after work Insha Allah) The only reason I have not is that I am re -reading Mufti Muhajjir Makki's Tafseer so that I dont make any mistakes retelling the stories of the Bani Israel.

Sorry if it appears that I ignored these comments - I havent.

Love and Peace

M Junaid said...

The jews fishing - Surah Baqarah Verse 65 discusses this topic. I found a well written article on it.

The story in short - jews werent allowed to fish on the sabbath so what they did was set up their nets on friday (sabbath is on saturday) and caught the fish that way, thereby angering God. I feel that Beatboxing is very similar to this (a loop-hole) so if you believe that Music is haraam, you shouldnt be beatboxing as this is an imitation,

SBM - My thoughts exactly - Many people quite Surah Luqman but they twist the meaning to push an agenda - idle talk and music are two different things (there was an arabic word for music in those days)

anon 2 - that is one position. Yes. Hence I always state the three positions - A - allowed. B - only Duff allowed and C - Not allowed. There is documented proof that various instruments were played those days - most common were the flute and drum.

anon 3 - I know of two people personally who converted to Islam because they heard some muslim hip hop and took it from there. Allah decides who he gives Hidayat to, and the method of that hidayat (look at the conversion of Hazrath Umar for an example of this) Also - The prophet (pbuh)could not make his beloved uncle Abu Talib convert because this is within the hands of Allah only.

Verily Allah Knows Best

Heres something to think about

Have you ever wondered why the Angel Israfeel will blow a trumpet on the day of Qiamat? surely if musical instruments are so vilified in the sight of Allah, Israfeel would not use an instrument like a trumpet! Heres another thing - The prophet had a Gong made to signal Salaah Time, but it was hazrtah Umar who suggested the human voice as an alternative.