Thursday, April 17, 2008

Concerning Origami Stars

I get crank calls every few days - I guess people enjoy doing it because I play along - not play along as in get pranked. I think I fell for it twice max. I'm very sceptical about most calls from private numbers, but then again - who isnt?

So yesterday evening at around 5 I get a call from a Indian lady with an awful Chinese accent telling me that she works for Namco and she wants to offer me a job. OK Folks - i'l let you in on a little secret - The whole L and R thing is overkill when you appry it to evely word . So after chatting to her for a few minutes, and being as sarcastic as I could, she hands the phone to a guy who tries the same crap with me. He then says 'We'l pay you five hundled dolla a day'. So I tell him that 'thats what I used to get paid every day as a Prostitute in the Philippines and that I have other shit to do so can he kindly Fu.. and then he quickly says 'You're live on Radio Al Ansaar and this is the Drive Time show with Zahir Bassa'.

Boy did I get a good laugh - heres a tip - If you are going to prank someone, don't do it live. Pre record it so that you can add a few choice bleeps at the appropriate moment.

It was the Great Ones birthday yesterday so a few of us went down to Luna Blu for supper. I seem to go there every six months. First was the blogger dinner feat FMM and second was Suhailas 25th.

OK - lets review some food - The Chicken Spaghetti thing was utter crap. Never ever order it. Sophie the waitress lied! Luckily it was Shiraz who had it. I ordered the Luna Macon.

Macon - what a stupid idea - its like we are so desperate to have a Bacon substitute we decided to call our processed meat Macon. Heck - I think its something we made up in South Africa - Wikipedia has nothing on it. It was pretty decent, but I wasnt impressed with the portion. Q ordered the Pappadew pasta - definitely the tastiest thing on the table (I sampled most of the food) Pappadews on their own suck, but it really added a lovely taste to the pasta. Waseem will probably try to convince you that his Gordon Blu was hand picked from Jannat and placed on this dunyaa, but I thought it was rather bland. It was good, it just lacked flavour. Any flavour. But hey - It was countless times better than the awful Spaghetti Bolognaise that Joe ordered - I promise you it was boiled spaghetti with two table spoons of Mince that had that Bakri Eid smell to it. I imagine this is how a sheep will taste if I had to lick it. Baa. No idea what the others ordered.

I can never waste food. Even if its a little bit, I'l get a doggy bag and take it home. Mum used to say that there are starving people in Somalia so I shouldn't waste - How would she know? Shes never been there. But anyway, I cant bear to leave my food behind. Heck - Ive paid for it, and I know I'm going to be feeling for it in a few hours anyway. Call me cheap - I don't care. Since the dessert menu consisted of one item - bad Luna blu bad! we decided to take a drive to Milky Lane on the Beachfront. Unfortunately they were closed so we ate at Waffle Express. Worst Idea ever!

Most Muslim owned franchises screw you over with the food - we know that. In fact, sometimes I'd rather eat at a non Muslim owned franchise with a halaal certificate than eat at the Muslim owned counterpart. So you can imagine how much worse it is when you eat at a Muslim owned former franchise like Waffle Express (used to be Milky lane) The brownies were crispier than a KFC double Crunch Rounder, the Spinner tasted like mud and the ice cream had this polystyrene texture to it. Even the water tasted funny - It tasted old. Like the water that Jesus turned to wine 2000 years ago - Probably the same batch. However, the nuts on my banana split were delicious so not everything was bad.

All this bitching, and you might think I had a lousy time. Not at all. Because when you are with good friends, you always have an awesome time, regardless of the crap you eat.



Waseem said...

Its actually peppadew, and I preferred what I ordered. I had leftover for lunch yesterday, it was awesome.

I think I'm not going to have meeting today, so I should check you for the cricket.

I have an idea for Saturday, speak to you about it later.

Anonymous said...
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bb_aisha said...

i rem the time they tried a prank call on me-i saw right through it.

it's ok if it's at another station, but not on muslim radio-not with comments like yours:-p

who's zahir bassa? i thought the only famous bassa on aa is the one & only seraj:-0

Anonymous said...

afternoon drive time show was TERRIBLE.

M Junaid said...

Waseem - hang on - what was the plan for last night? i prefer the plan that played out :) yeah - its peppadew - i'm too lazy to correct the spelling.

Anon - I do :) Like crazy - but shhh - dont tell her i do. Its a nice sort of missing. FMM is short for Fatima Mangera Minty

Spiji - Seraj is a legend of Al Ansaar - but since he isnt there anymore they had to hire Zaheer to fill the 'Bassa on Air' clause that Al Ansaar has.

R - Do people actually listen to it? I only listen during Ramadan when its playing in the kitchen and i'm eating after taraweeh.

Anonymous said...
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