Sunday, April 20, 2008

Concerning Nostradamus

While academics have long discredited anything that Nostradamus prophesied as being real glimpses into the future, He still remains a popular icon in our social consciousness. I prefer calling him 'Bosridamus' - those who understand Hindi could elaborate. I read his book, Les Propheties, this weekend, and I thought, well, everyone is trying to fit this guys prophecies into their own agenda, so why shouldn't I.
I present to you - Nostradamus UnBunked (all prophesies are authentic - none of that village idiot bullshit you'll find circulating the net)

The Cock (France) shall be received within Monaco.

The Cardinal of France shall appear:

he shall be deceived by the Roman legation.

The weaker the Eagle, the stronger the Cock shall become.


'Zidane off as Italy win World Cup'- BBC News Headline

Child without hands: never was so great a thunderbolt seen:

the royal child wounded while playing tennis.

Broken at the well;

lightning-strikes while going there to mill:

three trussed up with chains around their waists.

This prophesy is actually packed with many little details so lets break it down verse by verse. The first verse is a prophesy about a fireworks malfunction at the end of Wrestlemania 24 when Undertaker won. The second verse is about Prince Harry being hit in the face with a wii-mote when the Queen was playing Wii Sports. The last three verses are all tied up to the group Destinys Child, who have come under fire for releasing tracks that sound too similar to their older stuff (the verse is a play on going to the well too often and lightning hitting twice) The chains is a reference to the bling bling they wear on stage. As you can see - the entire prophesy is about the entertainment industry.

Let those who read these verses consider them maturely!
Let the profane and ignorant mob keep away!
Away with you, all Astrologers, Idiots and Barbarians!
May he who does otherwise be subject to the sacred rite [i.e. go to hell].
VI 100
This is Nostadamus responding to comments that he is a nob. And he is basically warning against making fun of his prophesies.. err, which is exactly what I'm doing right now - hey - maybe he was right :P
The galley’s sail shall hide the ship’s sail:
the greater fleet shall flush out the lesser.
Ten nearby ships near shall turn it and drive it back:
the greater one having been beaten,
the alliance shall take it over.

Nostradamus predicting the climax of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 - At worlds End


Here is a link to the simplified transcript of his book if you want to have some fun in the comments page


Unknown said...

prophecies lend themselves so much to interpretation that everyone has a take on what it may mean. sometimes it's the way it is conveyed that leads such lavish applications.

Waseem said...

Serpents [Sergeants] introduced into the iron cage
where the seven children of the King are taken:
the old and fathers shall emerge from the depths of hell,
only to see the death and screams of their offspring.

that sounds like a wrestlemania
A 7 man cage match and a tornado tag elimination hell in the cell, father-son team match where the sons are eliminated first

Anonymous said...

I personally dont believe in any of of his prophecies. However im not militantly against nostradamus, he used to stand over a pot of boiling water and "see the future", sounds like asfixiation to me. People try to hard and want to see stuff that just isnt there. Then you get the stories of him working with jins who went up to heaven to spy on the future and were "slapped by the angels". No one can predict the future.