Thursday, April 10, 2008

Concerning Lesbians

Organ Harvester has issued a challenge out to all bloggers. He wants us to post videos on any subject matter, and predictably, no one gives a shit. So, because I pity him so much, I will sacrifice all forms of pride and self esteem and post a video Yuraaz took last Saturday (when I was in my alleged coma)
Doubt any one else is going to post a video, so you can cut the small talk and e-mail me my cheque Titus.

please note - while I am singing 'I love when girls kiss girls' (I heard that stupid song on someones funwall and its been stuck in my head ever since) Lesbians don't do it for me.

Also - Notice the up yours gesture - I AM NOSTRADAMUS!


Unknown said...

You are such a porn star!

and who is the whipped slave in the background. you're taking this Lucius Verenas thing too far. Free the slaves.

Anonymous said...

lol. Mj you are too cute.

Sunshine gal