Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Concerning Pride

The first years call me sir. I don't like it that much. There is too much age in the word. I'm MJ. But then again, i must ask myself, why market myself as MJ. I guess even though i'm in the same age group, at the end of the day some heirarchy must exist. The problem with authority is that it is a vicious cycle. Academia should never be like that. I never claim to know all the answers, but at the same time i'm looked at with expectations.

My approach to lecturing can be seen as being unorthodox at best (some say its 'bonkers' but they are members of staff so their opinion doesn't count.) i don't believe in setting papers that draw on substantial chunks from a book. Retention is hardly a good skill in the media field. For me, media studies is about applying knowledge and critiqueing what we consume.

Last weeks class was on the traditional stimulus response theories of advertising, so i walked in with an afro wig which immediately got their attention. This was the catalyst for explaining the theories. I dont know what im going to try this week. Maybe electrocution. Hmm.



Anonymous said...

wat did the students write

Nafisa said...

Heirarchy can exist; calling you Sir does not make it more apparent. As long as they respect that you are their lecturer and listen to you, its enough.

Anonymous said...

Wat is the racial make up of your classes?

Zahera said...

You do have someone :-) whether its a case of living in denial, being stupid, being stubborn- it exists, on some level....it exists.

M Junaid said...

self promotion exercise - some did huge posters with collages of postcards, foreign currency they accumulated and pics of them drunk. others made t shirts. some wrote poems, and a few even branded themselves like commodities - the creativity and passion stood out - thats why i was so proud.

Charmed - Yeah, they are quite obedient. well, if they get rowdy, i just stop talking and wait for them to settle down - they normally do after a few seconds

anon 2 - some blacks, some indians, some whites, maybe a coloured or two, no chinese and no aborigines .. although - this is purely assumption - i havent asked them.

zesty - i do - thats why i wrote 'Well, i do'. go read that blog i wrote in January - concerning MJ - i covered it there :P what does it mean to have someone, against their will? ignore me - its late, and i need a hug.

Shafinaaz Hassim said...

about having someone: isnt it aweful to know, and be sceptical still.

about ur self-promotion: yay dude! thats awesomeness!!! you should line the hallways with the works of creativity :)

ZK said...

sniff sniff
Why the tears you may ask?
Well coz once mj use to tell with pride what his students had done or not done or how he tortured the class with laughter
(this coming from an ex student of his and fellow tutorer)
and now sniff sniff MJ dnt like anymore
sniff sniff....

M Junaid said...

shafi - i miss swearing your sighs in my chatbox. i am going to hang up the best pieces hey :)

ZK - you were one of my favourite students - you know that! I adore all my students - from 2004 to today. Even though im at DUT now, i can never forget UKZN. I have so much of love for all the media students there.