Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Concerning Subway

Ive got this little quirk in that every time I see a Subway, I take a picture in front of it. Ive done it in Cape Town, Dubai, New Zealand... and today in Durban :)

I love Subway - its a brilliant concept really. And its obviously working as its the third largest fast food chain in the world (After KFC and Sunrise Chip and Ranch, or at least that's what the owner of Sunrise, Vikash, tells me)

So I started with his exotic sounding Bread - when given the choice to choose between wholewheat, White, Brown or an Italian sounding lump of dough - always go with the Italian option. I then added two types of cold cuts (thats polony) and some chicken Tikka with cheese. This was complemented by lettuce, onions, green peppers, olives, tomatoes and a shit load of jalapenos and gherkins (Jalapenos are my favourite type of chilli pepper. This was topped off with a sweet onion and BBQ sauce.


I fiddled with the Saturation on the picture to highlight my new awesome goth scarf. And before you ask, No - my top did not at any time belong to a White House Intern. I'm standing next to Zama. I'm a peoples person, so I can get away with anything.


BTW - i ordered a footlong - KOTP - Be Afraid. very Afraid
Halaal Subway is at the Airport - just the excuse I needed to welcome hajjees back.


Unknown said...

you ordered the foot long but did you manage to finish it? we better be careful, i hear the fun police have been pitter pattering around the blogs issuing looks of disapproval.

M Junaid said...

we can all aspire towards footlongs, but for now - to answer your question - this was the best sandwhich made in the history of mankind - the holy grail of snacks - off course i finished it.

On a totally unrelated note - i never ever got into the whole dragonball z thing hey

Anonymous said...

great pic

bb_aisha said...

there's one in fordsburg too. i should try it. on bus from jordan to israeli border, i met a guy who said his family owns the subway brand. his father is christian palestinian & his mum jewish american. (but his mum converted to christianity) i know this has no relevance but i thght of it so wrote it.
now i want subway-i haven't tried it yet. my mum made homemade subs last week. i want food-at work-finished my lunch ages ago. having tea & tex now. but i want home tea. i want food. feed me