Friday, March 07, 2008

Concerning Chatboxes

I love Cyanide and Happiness! Man, why am I always so late to get on the bandwagon? (by the way - I just heard the Umbrella song, and no way should that have been chosen as song of the year!)

I cant draw for shit, so what Ive been doing is taking the comics, and changing the text (well, i cant write for shit either but its easier than drawing)

If you follow my chatbox, you'll understand why this one is so apt
Finally, Let me post a rather disturbing fan video - driven no doubt by homoerotic lust. Aah - Still, I love him, so its all good.



M Junaid said...

there is a part in the video where Aron ekhaart says 'you know the guy who can pick up any girl, that me'.. at that part im posing with waseem and shiraz - hmmm , questionable

Unknown said...

hahahaha. one evil deed a day.