Thursday, March 20, 2008

Concerning Celebrations

I'm on a spiritual high at the moment. Just attended the Meelad celebration at the Westville Musjid, and it has galvanised me in a sense. Ive said this before, and i'm going to say it again - Fuzail really is one of the best speakers on Islam that I have come across. Tonights topic was - Muhammad (s.a.w) the Man. Not the Rasool, or the habib, but just simply, Muhammad the man. Sadly, due to Indo Pak tension, the whole concept of a meelad is contested among the two dominant schools of thought - However, there is a level of syncretism these days. As I said in my chatbox - Meelad Dun Nabi, Siratun Nabi - its all a case of TO MAA TOE, TO MAY TOE.
Fuzail also clarified some of the objections put forth - like, The Sahaaba didnt celebrate the Prophets birthday so why should we etc. I wish I could get a transcript of his talk - By the time it came to the Salaatus Salaam, I couldn't wait to stand -I get immense joy from standing, and while I will never force anyone to stand (Heck - I believe standing or sitting as long as you send Salaam to the prophet its all good) There is definitely a more powerful feeling that you get from standing. Sadly, what I see happening so often these days is emphasis on salaatus salaam at the expense of flagrant attitude towards fard acts like salaah. Barelwis (or as they call themselves Sunnis) need to wake up - I'm not castigating everyone (I know many Barelwis who are punctual in their salah) I'm just talking about what I see.
For me, the whole standing issue isn't a big deal - But because I feel a spiritual bond when I observe it, I'd like to have it at my wedding. However, if I marry a girl who is against it, I'll save it for the walima maybe. (In South Africa the girls side hosts the wedding reception, while the Grooms side takes care of the walima) Or could even read it at the Musjid - its not a fard act, so its no big deal. However, I was thinking I could sneak it in quickly while people are going to the tea table - that way - there is no active effort to stand specifically for it. I'l call it my tea Time Salaami. Its in the tune of Ya Nabi salaam Alaika and goes like this
And we eat the Marie Biscuit
Eet Sum Mor and Lemon Creams
Dip your Chok-Its in your Teaaaaa
Oh we love the Leettle wafers
Salalaa Alaah Muhammed
Salalaah alai wasalaam
(If anyone is offended by this - I recited it in front of three aalims, from three schools of thought and no one took offence, so bite me)
By the way - The concept of the Meeladun nabi isn't something specific to the Indo Pak region - In fact, the largest Meelad in the world actually takes place in an African country - Most muslims around the world celebrate it (with the exceptions of Wahabbis and few others) So - if you have the misconception that it is an Indian thing - Read.


Shafinaaz Hassim said...

if u invite me to the teatime salaami, i bring timtams for self and bride and groom :) aint i sweet! lol

M Junaid said...

what about the hundred or so guests? you can come for my wedding if you bring tim tams for all... deal?

bb_aisha said...

marie biscuits and choc kits at the weddng. i want to see that! :-p

M Junaid said...

you'l get an invite spiji - so you can see for yourself. shafin will need to bring tim tams if she wishes to procure an invite

Nafisa said...

Hafiz Fuzail is an excellent speaker that really identifies with the youth. He spoke at my walima.

Anonymous said...

I didn’t realise it was seen as an indian thing as most people muslims I know are of pakistani origin and they mark milad o nabi.
What do you mean about the standing issue and your bugbear about barelwis doing (or not doing) a particular act etc? Sorry, didn’t understand it.