Friday, February 29, 2008

Concerning Dinosaurs

i've just acquired over a 120 movies from my mate. From old classics like revenge of the nerds to current blockbusters like die hard 4. Amongst the swag are various box sets like back to the future, nightmare on elm street as well as the matrix trilogy and jurassic park. This basically doubles my collection

So here's my master plan. I'm going to watch every movie i own with my wife. Lets ignore the little obstacle we have now. Wouldn't. It be cool , albeit cheap way to to spend two nights a week. I'm watching jurassic park at the moment. Spielberg is a legend! This movie is over a decade old but they could release it tomorrow at the cinema and you would still appreciate the amount of detail and realism in it. Its very important for me to have form follow function. Its one of the reasons why i love the lord of the rings movies so much.

When they designed the nazgul, or the cave trolls, weta worked out little things like whether wing span would allow the beast to stay in the air etc. That is, they created creatures that were realistic. Now that the allure of dinosaurs is not that strong, i can appreciate the detail that went into designing the dinosaurs. I really think that industrial light and magic did an amazing job with the dinosaurs. I mean, we haven't really moved on past their design. Look at night at the museum with ben stiller (mmmm- good day) the t rex there was identical to JP'S one twelve years before.

Did you know that samuel l jackson was in jurassic park. That dude has got one of the best filmographies in hollywood history.



Waseem said...

Who was Sam L Jackson? I want Jurassic Park, bring it next time.

Anonymous said...

you don't have a wife

Unknown said...

you know watching movies with chicks never works. they want the notebook, you want die hard. do you have the GODfather? how about star wars? dont worry this is not a proposal. you're not my type.

M Junaid said...

he played the role of a tech support guy - weird seeing him in a movie in which he doesnt say motherfucker.

Anon - thanks for pointing that one out buddy - i would have never known.

OH - I know im not your type - i walk on two legs. I wanted to catch the notebook (free, only on E) but i ended up watching shrek 3 with my nephew. Ive got all four die hards. i need to watch Godfather 2 and 3 - one is over rated.