Friday, February 15, 2008

Concerning News Values

A few hours ago a breakin story emerged on CNN.

DEKALB, Illinois (CNN) -- A gunman dressed in black walked from behind a curtain at the front of a large lecture hall Thursday at Northern Illinois University and shot 22 people, four fatally, then killed himself, authorities said.

I wonder how long it will be before they start blaming videogames for this nutcase.

'Mario made me do it.'

No he didnt - you are psychotic!

Other news networks have been slower in reporting this story (Ok, so i only checked seven. Two have it up - Al Jazeera and Fox News. I think Immortal Technique said it best when he said

"Word nigga, fuck John Ashcroft! Nigga, fuck Fox News! Fuck those snake-assbitches Tryin to manipulate your opinion, tellin you what to think. Word the fuck up, like "we invaded niggas 'cause we want to free them"You racist motha fucka, you don't give a shit about those people. You can suck my dick!!"

Immortal techniques view on the Iraq war and Corporate Journalism.

It will be interesting to see the newsworthiness of this story in the morning. It brings up a few questions.

A - How newsworthy is it?
B - Will it be given more prominence than other news stories from around the world?
C - Over a thousand people have been killed in Kenya in the latest unrest. Will this story push the Kenyan story down?
D - If a hundred people die in a bomb blast in Iraq today, or if twenty people are killed in South Africa how does one determine the newsworthiness of that event contrasted to the Illinois Shooting? Is a life not worth a life?


Anonymous said...

media these days is fucked up -fox news is credited as a leading force making the case for the iraq war. And dont get me stared on how muslims are treated in the media ! go look at the Der Spiegel home page (europes most influential magazine/paper) almost every artical has open hatred for Islam.

r said...

The newsmaking process is pretty messed up. Of course every life is equally valuable but like everything in life and the media, its relative. Unfortunately majority of the world media is controlled by the US and because this story is american, they get prominence. Why am i commenting on this? You know this.