Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Concerning Excess

Snapped this up at Pavilion the other day. Cute wooden hanger, pretty little dinosaur on it. Only R139 each... R139 each. What is wrong with these people? I asked the salesperson how many came in a pack - half a dozen would be reasonable (everyone has to pay the rent), but I just got this weird look instead. Who buys such expensive hangers. Hangers are purely functional anyway - I dont think Paris Hilton has gem encrusted hangers (I use her as my yardstick for excess) its like buying ... you know, i cant even think of any examples. You cant even show it off, like how'd you show off a car. Whens the last time you heard someone say, "Mariam, open my wardrobe - I Have to show you my latest Hangers - Its all the rage in Milan."

Its not all bad though - it actually made me a better Muslim, because everyday I make dua and say 'Oh Allah, please do not give me a wife that buys 139 rand hangers'.

p.s - I just did a post concerning the history of video games in South Africa. It can be found here


Anonymous said...

*wonders why you used Mariam as an example*

M Junaid said...

MJs mums name is mariam

bb_aisha said...

omg-that is truly ridiculous. & some dumb parent will buy it for their kid.