Saturday, February 09, 2008

Concerning Broadband

MJ finally got ADSL at home. First thing I did was I went on youtube and typed in the name of this nasheed to see if they made a video - i'm so thrilled to see that they did. I love this track - it makes me grin like an idiot - Zain and Dawud are two awesome guys ( lets not forget native deen - man i wish i could rap half as well as he does)
OK - dear Concerned readers - for the second time - MJ presents to you Zain Bhikha and Dawud Warnsby Ali's Nasheed - Cant take it with you when you go.

Check out Hi Fi Corp in the video - and dawud and zain trying to act cool when Native is rapping - too awesome. I did my own variation of this track with masood and we performed it for Zain two years ago - we changed it to 'You cant get poonani while on haj' - good message there as well


Nooj said...

eye watering:D
videos of dawud should be haram!!

M Junaid said...

he looks awesome in Allah Knows - especially with the Afghan scarf he wears - MJ has got to get one of those - but Dbn weather makes it impractical

Anonymous said...

MJ I too jus got hold of adsl but alas im not nearly at technologicaly inclined as you u -so was jus wonderin if u tell me how do i check how many megs remaining on my cap midmonth? Much appreciated..

M Junaid said...

Hi anon - if you are with telkom you go here

and click on usage tracker - hope that helps