Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Concerning 2007 (Movies)

Todays post - Movies.
Best animated movie
I'd say Simpsons but I feel it doesnt belong here, so I'm going to go with ratatouiile
Worst Animated Movie
Ant Bully
Best Bollywood Movie
Salaam E Ishq (OK - so I havent watched tere Zameen Par or Om Shanti Om)
Best Adaptation
tough one - between Harry Potter, Spiderman 3, Simpsons and Transformers. I say Transformers
Best movie most people will overlook
Shooter (watch this movie)
Crappiest Sequel
Pirates of the Caribbean 3
Best Sequel
Bourne Ultimatum
Most surprisingly awesome
28 weeks later
Worst movie Shiraz picked -
Seeker:Dark is Rising
Best Comedy
Worst Adaptation
Ghost Rider
Worst Popcorn
Best Popcorn
Worst Movie
Dead or Alive
Movie of the Year


The Nicholas Cage award for crap acting
Its a tie between his shitty Next and his equally shitty Ghost rider.
OK, so im typing this at 6:52 a.m. I havent slept yet. But i'm happy with my picks so far.


Waseem said...

I'll only do a few of the categories.

Best Animated Movie: Meet the Robinsons

Biggest Letdown - Spiderman 3

Best Movie Experience: Beowulf 3D, but if you mean the other way, probably go for Superbad.

Most Surprisingly awesome: 28 Weeks Later

Worst movie - Rise - that lucy liu one, surprised you didnt burn me at the stake for that one

Top 3 best movies:

Anonymous said...

I was a Nicholas Cage fan... loved Face/Off. They should have casted a younger person in Ghost Rider.

I think the best for 2007 was 300. Havent seen Stardust... didnt look appealing?

Was watching DOA last night, what a laugh!

Anonymous said...

lol MJ u seem to be fighting a personel war against pavillions popcorn -love it when u have quirky vendettas -always good for a laugh :-)

M Junaid said...

Holy Fuck - i completely forgot about Rise. I hate you waseem. i hate you with all my heart. but M.U enjoyed it so go figure

300 was better the second time around

beowolf in 3d was so frikken awesome! we should have watched meet the robinsons in 3d - my mate didnt wanna join me - i should have asked you.

Charmed - i command you - watch stardust! get hubby involved - great lovey dovey movie

anon - thanks :) i really hate pavilions popcorn - last week it was so bad - it wasnt burnt but it had this rubbery charred taste to it. id imagine its exactly like a barbequed condom would taste like. and their salt is up to shit - normal salt tastes like they brought it from the dead sea- the chutney tastes wierd. the aromat needs to come with a warning sign like the ones you get on cigarette boxes and the cheese is nothing less than the work of shaitaan - i want to read surah kaaf everytime i see someone sprinkling it

Zahera said...

Watch taare zameen par :'( it made me cry.. but i was watching it with my dad so i pretended i had something in my eye... ahem.